12 Drinks That Contain Lots of Calories – Avoid if You are on a Diet!

Beer and soft drinks such as cola contain of calories but what are the most calorie laden drinks that you could order on a night out!

drinks with lots of calories

Drinks That Contain Lots of Calories

The dreaded “beer belly” isn’t a myth, beer is is a high-calorie drink. However, isn’t the only offender. In fact, certain other alcoholic beverages are even worse.

One of the problems with high-calorie drinks and calorific food is many people never give them a second thought.

Some dieters place great focus on counting the calories they get from food but it never crosses their minds to include drinks in their daily calorie calculations as well.

So What are the worst drinks for making you gain weight?  Let’s look at 12 drinks you need to treat with caution or avoid.

1. Long Island Iced Tea – 780 Calories

Long Island Iced Tea

Iced Tea on a list of drinks that contain the most calories? That’s probably given you a shock. 

However, despite the name, Long Island Iced Tea generally doesn’t have any iced tea in it at all. It’s a high-calorie cocktail that contains vodka, gin, tequila, light rum, triple sec and a dash of cola.

Depending on the person who mixes it, Long Island Iced Tea may contain some syrup too.

Most of the ingredients are potent spirits so, even without the calories from the cola and (possibly) syrup, Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail that’s seriously bad for the waistline.

In its pure form alcohol provides seven calories per gram. That’s only two calories less than you’d get if you ate a gram of pure fat.

There are a few lower-calorie versions mixed outside of the US, but an original-recipe Long Island Iced Tea can provide a staggering 780 calories per glass.

2. Piña Colada – 640 Calories

Piña colada is a sweet-tasting cocktail that’s made from rum, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut or coconut milk. It’s often shaken with ice.

A popular drink that’s loved all over the world, Piña colada is a cocktail many holidaymakers love to sip near the beach or beside a pool.

However, at around 640 calories per glass, drink too many of these and you won’t retain your “beach body” for long.

3. Daiquiri – 600 Calories

Daiquiri is a family of cocktails that come from Cuba. There are several different types and all of them are high-calorie drinks.

A typical Daiquiri recipe consists of rum, citrus juice, and sugar syrup but various fruit variations are available and the color of the drink can vary a lot.

So how many calories in a Daiquiri? You’ll probably get around 600 per glass.

4. Margarita – 550 Calories

Margarita has lots of calories

Margarita Time! Didn’t Status Quo sing a song about it? Not many cocktails get a musical endorsement like that.

However, if you start drinking too many Margaritas, the main thing you’ll find yourself rocking is the scales.

This popular sweet and sour combination of spirits, lemon, and sugar delivers around 550 calories per glass.

5. White Russian – 500 Calories

White Russian is a popular cocktail and you don’t have to be Russian to drink it.

The Russian connection is due to the presence of a generous dose of vodka, the drink is “white” because it’s topped with cream. There’s also a helping of coffee liqueur that adds much to the flavor.

However, you need to go easy with this one, it’s around 500 calories per drink.

6. Mulled Wine – 400 Calories

Mulled Wine

Hot and fruity, mulled wine is a popular winter warmer that’s usually made by combining red wine or port with various spices and fruit juices.

Also known as spiced wine, this beverage is always served hot.

Along with the cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, there’s also a generous helping of sugar.

So, while you are busy stamping your feet against the cold and warming your hands on the glass, be aware you are probably getting around 400 calories per serving.

7. Samuel Adams Triple Bock – 340 Calories

If beer is your thing but a fat belly is not, you really need to try and avoid Samuel Adams Triple Bock. It’s one of the highest calorie beers you can get. At 17.5% abv is also one of the strongest.

With maple syrup and chocolate malts among the ingredients, it’s perhaps not so surprising the calorie count is so high.

How high? You’re looking at 340 calories per bottle.

8. Pedro Ximénez – 320 Calories

Pedro Ximénez is a very sweet type of Spanish white wine. Each liter of wine contains 400g of residual sugar and the alcohol content is 17% abv.

Fortunately, this type of wine is generally served in a small (120ml) glass but, that tiny shot of wine still provides 320 calories.

Obviously, drinking from a larger glass or having a few extra drinks will mean you are getting a lot more.

9. Everclear – 285 Calories

Everclear is a branded rectified spirit made by Luxco. There are different versions but, at 190 proof, Everclear is 95% alcohol. That form is so strong it’s illegal to distribute it in certain US states.

The manufacturer says it’s best to view Everclear as a mixer ingredient and avoid drinking it in its pure form, but many people do. Undiluted, 190 proof Everclear provides 285 calories per (1.5 ounce) shot.

10. Triple Sec – 225 Calories

Triple sec is a strong, sweet, clear liqueur that tastes of orange. The flavor is provided by the dried peels of bitter and sweet oranges.

Triple sec is a key ingredient in many cocktails, but lots of people enjoy drinking it neat. However, with around 11 grams of sugar per ounce and 225 calories per shot, this liqueur could set your diet on the rocks.

11. Schnapps – 195 Calories


Schnapps is a popular distilled spirit drink.

There are many different types and brands.

True Schnapps is made from fermented fruit juices.

At 30% proof, Schnapps is only 15% alcohol, but the recipe contains a lot of sugar so it’s not uncommon to get 195 calories or more from a shot. 

12. Red Wine – 75 – 85 Calories

The alcohol percentage of different wines can vary. So can the amount of calories they provide but red wine generally contains more calories than the white kind does.

The average red wine provides 75-85 calories per small (100 ml) glass and all those calories can add up fast.