Disclosure, Advertisements & Disclaimer

Advertisements on the website

ResearchedSupplements have resisted the temptation of placing third party advertisements on this website. Third party advertisements are a huge revenue generator but also impossible to carry out any level of due diligence.

Third party advertisements are usually generated by adding a piece of code at certain points in the content that automatically display advertisements that may be thematically connected to the piece of content the visitor or reader is reading.

Affiliate Disclosure & Disclaimer

ResearchedSupplements does not sell anything, hold credit card details or other personal information of the website’s visitors. Nor do we disclose any information purposefully to third parties.

The editors and contributors of ResearchedSupplements.com may occasionally recommend supplements or other products that have been reviewed on this website if they feel the recommendation will be of benefit to its readers.

Some referrals will result in a commission to the website which will be used against the costs of site maintenance and its associated fees.

Why Do ResearchedSupplements Recommend Certain Products

All products that are recommended have a level of due diligence connected to them. On no occasion or account will a product be recommended where the company responsible for the product participate in any free trial or auto billing scheme that is known to be fraudulent or deceptive.

All products recommended will be backed by a high level of accountability by the owners of the products.

ResearchedSupplements will also dissuade it’s visitors and readers from buying certain products if that product is known to known to be fraudulent or deceptive.

The comments sections is kept open so that consumers (of third party products) can contribute their experience and provide information that may help other visitors or readers. The comments from visitors and readers may also dissuade other visitors and readers from buying certain products.