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ResearchedSupplements.com is an expanding library of articles aimed at educating and informing people about fitness, dietary supplements and living a healthy lifestyle.

Tony JayMy name is Tony Jay and I am the CEO and editor of this website. I am also the CEO of AGJMedia. – LinkedIn

I have been in the nutrition and diet industry since 2007 and formed AGJ Media in 2011 with a view of providing the best content written by people with real hands on expertise and passion.

We have authors that contribute, each bringing a unique skillset. For example Ross – arguably the angriest man I have ever met when the topic of supplementation arises.

He hates 90% of the commercial products currently on the market citing their (lack of) strength, (incorrect) dosage or (weak) ingredient profile. Never ever talk to him about the Keto diet.

If you want to get into shape or keep in shape you have come to the right place.

From sport supplements to household herbs and spices, our experts combine scientific research, anecdotal evidence and their experience of the subjects in order to offer objective, rounded and comprehensible information.

With so many products available and so much marketing and salesmanship online, it is often difficult to know where to start, and what to read. Facts are often twisted or completely fabricated to serve one end: profit.

One of our goals is to cut through this noise and simply offer our readers the chance to learn about the pros and cons of ingredients, formulations and supplement inclusions.

If we recommend a product we make sure that the company behind it take their customer service responsibilities very seriously and do not hide behind anonymity.

Join us, and find out whether the claims made by manufacturers are solid, or whether the rumours about certain ingredients are true.

And, of course, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to let us know via our contact page.

Meet The Researched Supplements Team

Steve Calvert Author bioSteve CalvertCPD Certified in nutrition for weight loss – LinkedIn

Steve is the lead content writer and product reviewer with a wealth of experience in the field of nutrition and commercial supplements.

Steve is extremely meticulous in his research and approach to writing his content especially when tasked with writing a product review.

He takes the responsibility very seriously and ensures that when he is analyzing the product formula and ingredients he validates everything by sourcing information from the highest authority websites and linking to the data.

I was an avid gym-goer for many years and have competed in martial arts tournaments all over the UK.

RossTRoss T. – CPD Certified in sports nutrition, BEng – LinkedIn

Muscle, strength and fitness form the core of my passion and the pillars of my knowledge base.

I’m driven to consistently improve upon myself, by my desire to help and educate people, and by my willingness to learn new things.

The right training, nutrition, and supplements can combine to make the fullest difference to your life.

It’s my full-time job to be at the cutting-edge of them all, while building on proven fundamentals that go as far back as the gladiators of ancient Rome.

I’ve written hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles on resistance training, metabolic conditioning, weight loss, fat burning, diet, nutrition, science and supplements.

I know how to train, what to eat, and I understand the benefits and dangers of supplementation – both natural and synthetic.

My life has involved a series of concentrations, including martial arts, powerlifting, Ironman triathlon and bodybuilding.

It hasn’t all been positive. I’ve had injuries, surgeries, and experienced a lot of pain, pushing myself to the limit. But it’s all experience – lessons I’ve learned the hard way, perhaps so that others might not have to.

These days, I lift for me, my girls, and everyone I can help to be the best version of themselves.

Eloise Bel RSEloise Bel – Certified holistic nutritionist, B.A. in communications (journalism) and specialist in weight loss – LinkedIn

I have been involved in the health industry since 2008. I am a certified nutritionist and written many articles on the subject in English, French and Italian. I specialize in the weight loss sector embracing a holistic approach to nutrition, not only through the preparation of menus, but also through lifestyle changes and emotional support for achieving goals.

I have strong background in supplementation and have reviewed many products paying close attention to the ingredients and formula.

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