Products and Supplements that Can Help You Reach Your Quit-Smoking Goals for 2024

cigarette burning down

Quitting smoking is often touted as a New Year’s resolution, but achieving it can be difficult. A report published by JAMA Network reveals that in the United States, approximately 30%-50% of smokers attempt to quit smoking, but success rates are low with only 7.5% managing to kick the habit for good. A major factor behind this pattern may be withdrawal symptoms, like irritability and restlessness, that encourage relapse.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can achieve your quit-smoking goal this year. From smoke-free alternatives to medications and supplements, you can choose your preferred methods to help you get rid of the habit. Here are some you can try:

Smokeless nicotine alternatives

To prevent relapsing due to withdrawal symptoms, you can switch to smoke- and tobacco-free alternatives with controlled doses of nicotine, like pouches and lozenges. You can start with nicotine pouches, small oral products that you place between the cheeks and gum. As shown by this catalog from LUCY, the pouches are made of synthetic nicotine, so they’re completely tobacco-free. They also come in strengths of up to 12mg that heavier smokers can start with before gradually lowering their consumption over time. From there, you can move on to smaller, candy-like nicotine lozenges. These need to stay intact in the mouth for better nicotine release. You can try Habitrol since this product offers even lower doses of nicotine, with strengths ranging from 2mg to 4mg. That way, you can taper off your consumption more effectively to reach your 2024 resolutions.

St. John’s wort supplements

Cigarettes offer a sense of escapism for people who are stressed because smoking releases dopamine—a type of neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Although it provides immediate relief, smoking remains detrimental to your health, which is why you can opt to use supplements like St. John’s wort to help alleviate feelings of sadness that may come with smoking withdrawal. St. John’s wort is a plant believed to increase the activity of brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine, which help improve a person’s overall mood. By taking these supplements alongside other quit-smoking aids, you won’t have to depend on cigarettes to make you feel better. This may help make your quitting journey more effective.

Smoking cessation medications

Prescription medications can also help you let go of smoking. Your doctor can prescribe you pills such as bupropion and varenicline, which a release from the World Health Organization cites as effective treatments that can help you quit. That’s because they do more than tone down withdrawal symptoms: they reduce the enjoyment you get from smoking altogether, making it less likely that you’ll pick up a cigarette again during the quitting process. You may take these pills for at least three months. If you think you need more help in your smoking cessation journey, get a prescription for these medications from your doctor for a more scientifically proven way to get rid of your smoking habit.

Super greens supplements

People can gain weight when they stop smoking cigarettes because cigarettes speed up metabolism, and quitting may lead your body to burn food more slowly. Cigarettes also reduce appetite, which is why some people may experience increased hunger as part of their withdrawal symptoms. You may hold back quitting if you’re worried about weight gain. That’s where using super greens supplements can help. This article we previously published highlights the benefits of super greens powder, emphasizing that it provides vitamin B, digestive enzymes, fiber, green tea, and acai that help your body break down food and increase its capacity to burn calories and fat. By using natural supplements that aid your metabolism, you won’t have to set aside quitting smoking any longer if you’re concerned about possibly gaining weight.

Many hindrances make it hard for you to quit smoking. Knowing your options and getting the right products and supplements to aid your smoking cessation journey can help you achieve your goals in 2024.