The Best Ways to Get Rid of Arm Fat – Bingo Wings Be Gone

We could have published a picture of someone with under arm fat – but I’m guessing you know exactly what that looks like. This article is all about how to get rid of arm fat, the dreaded bingo wings!

A women with toned arms on a multi gym
A woman with toned arms – and no sign of arm fat!

Getting Rid of Arm Fat

So, you’ve got arm fat and are now looking for ways to get rid of it. I don’t blame you. Arm fat doesn’t look good.

A lot of people share your problem. They have flabby arms and want to do something about it.

Many of them make the mistake of buying into the myth that it’s possible to target body fat and burn it from specific areas, such as the arms.

Fat chance! It’s not possible to spot reduce fat in any area of the body. That’s probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth and research proves it. 

Still have doubts? Don’t. You’ll only waste a lot of precious time doing fat-burning arm exercises that don’t work.

There are plenty of websites that will mislead you into thinking black is white but all any of those exercises will do is tone the muscles and/or make them grow, depending on how you perform them—high reps for toning, low reps for growth.

Improving muscle-quality is always a good thing but nobody will see those improvements under all that ugly arm fat.

If you still believe there are ways you get rid of arm fat by exercise, you only have to watch an episode of the Olympic Games. Take a look at all those shot putters and javelin throwers.

While you are at it, take a look at the tennis players too. All of them have one thing in common. They work the muscles in one arm harder than the other.

See any of them that have one arm that looks noticeably thinner than the other? You won’t. Research shows working one arm more than the other does not reduce fat.

Two Ways to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Okay, we’ve looked at what doesn’t work, now let’s take a look at the things that do.

#1. Calorie Control

The number one best way to get rid of arm fat and fat on any other part of the body is to modify your diet and start controlling how much food you put into your mouth. Some diets are better than other so make sure you choose an effective diet.

You also have to make sure you are eating the right kind of foods and not foods that pile on the weight.

CICO - Food Selection and calorie control
controlling calories and watch what type of food you eat is a must if you want to get rid of under arm fat

If you’ve currently got a problem with arm fat you’ve already been getting this wrong for a long time. The only way to turn things around is to throw the gears into reverse. A low-energy diet will help you to do this.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking arm fat, belly fat, or fat on any other area of the body, it’s a home-grown thing.

You nurtured it and helped it grow by feeding it regularly. You did this by providing your body with more energy than it needed. 

Whenever the diet provides more energy than the body needs, it stores the excess as fat. It becomes a back-up store of energy to use when energy levels run low.

When your diet provides too many calories every day, your energy levels won’t run low and you’ll continue to store more fat.

You should concentrate on adding foods that burn fat to your diet. These kinds of foods can boost metabolism and increase the rate in which your body burns fat – and leave behind lean muscle mass.

The problem is, a lot of people don’t even realize how few calories they need a day. Even those who do, often misjudge the energy content of their food and go over-the-top without realizing it.

A man only needs 2,500 calories per day. Some meals provide that much energy in a single sitting. A woman only needs 2,000 calories. 

These energy requirements refer to the amount of energy the body needs at rest. It uses this energy to support all the functions that keep you alive.

If you want to burn fat you need to cause a calorie shortfall by choosing low-energy foods that fill you up, cutting down portion sizes, eating no more than three meals per day, and cutting out snacking.

Action Plan

If you are serious about getting rid of your arm fat, you need to take action.

The first thing to do is start looking at food labels, weighing your food if needed, and taking all steps necessary to track how much energy you are putting into your body each day. 

Crash dieting is too severe to sustain and is unlikely to provide long-term results. It’s also unhealthy. Try reducing your calorie intake so that your body gets 500 calories less than it needs per day. Doing so will enable you to burn one pound of fat per week—without doing exercise.

Your arm fat probably won’t the first fat to go but it will go in the end. 

If hunger becomes a problem, try to ensure you get more fiber in your diet. Drinking extra water can help too and there are some very good appetite-suppressing supplements that can control hunger and help your burn extra fat too.

#2. Get Active!

Seriously, if you want that arm fat to go, don’t be a couch potato. Physical activity requires energy. You can burn extra calories by taking a stroll around the block or taking the stairs instead of the lift. 

What are the best fat burners for women. Woman and man working out on floor
Be active – workout, run even walk, but be active.

Of course, if you take up running, start going to the gym, or do boxercise or Zumba, you will burn a lot more.

Needless to say, choosing a vigorous exercise pursuit is one of the best ways to get rid of your arm fat faster. You’ll still need to exercise calorie control though. It’s a lot easier to put energy into the body than it is to use it.

Action Plan

Begin by using your legs more than the car or the lift and make a daily stroll a new habit. 

If you can, try and find a fun athletic pursuit, such as Zumba, and aim to go around three times per week. It’s important to spend some time making your choice and find something you will enjoy. It will make it easier to make it a part of your life.

It may help if you can find a friend to go with you. Especially if they are keen to get rid of fat too. You will be able to help keep each other motivated and it may make the experience more enjoyable. 

Best Ways to Get Rid of Arm Fat Summary

The best ways to get rid of arm fat are the same ways you’d use for burning fat from any other area of your body.

When done with integrity, diet and exercise always works. Spot-reducing fat from specific areas does not.

The first step in your journey to fat-free arms needs to be calorie reduction. Exercise is not a substitute but it is a fantastic way to speed things up and get better results. 

There are some supplements that promise you fat burning results quickly results but take these with a pinch of salt – BioHarmony Complex Plus for example.

This article may not be telling you the things you were hoping to hear, but it’s telling it like it is. Researched Supplements is a strictly BS-free zone. It provides actionable information instead of helping you buy into the health and fitness myths.