BioHarmony Complex Plus Review – Can you Lose 47lbs of Fat? 2022 Update

Are you ready to discover the Bioharmony switch and drop 47lbs of fat effortlessly? Complex Plus is a weight loss formula containing edible oil (or diet drops). Can it work for you? Read the review.

BioHarmony Complex Plus review
Can you discover the Bioharmony Switch (from Science Natural Supplements)

Contains some good ingredients.
Easy to use.
Long money back guarantee.

Confusing weight loss message.
Lots of hype.
Better results using other products.

The diet drops are sold with the promise it will make the weight loss process as easy as flipping a switch. When I hear claims like that, the only thing I’m flipping is my finger.

There are many dietary supplements made for women on the market and I can think of more than one that has better credentials than BioHarmony Complex Plus.

If you are looking a diet supplement PhenQ is arguably the best of the current bunch. It is devoid of hype and pretty much does what it says on the tin.


BioHarmony Complex Plus Review

BioHarmony Complex Plus is a diet drop product for women. It’s an edible oil dietary supplement.

It’s sold on the back of the idea stress is keeping you fat by hindering thyroid function sufficiently to slow your metabolism.

It has some pretty bold marketing claims.

Drop 47 Lbs. of Nagging Fat Effortlessly

The product is sold under the Science Natural Supplements brand name. However, it’s marketed via separate sales page housed on the same domain as the company website.

It does not appear anywhere on the main site.

If you think that’s unusual, I do too and the company appears to be marketing other products this way as well including a natural sleep aid called NutriSleep and a turmeric product aimed at Keto Dieters.

The BioHarmony Complex Plus website is very lengthy. The biggest part of it concerns a woman named Scarlett who used the diet drops and lost 47 pounds.

BioHarmony Complex Plus bottles

The BioHarmony Complex Plus Marketing Story

According to the story, Scarlett went to a high-school reunion only to discover she’d become so fat her former best friend, Sophie, no longer recognized her.

To make matters worse, Sophie had managed to retain the same slim and sexy figure she’d had at school.

The experience was so humiliating Scarlett took steps to lose weight. She got nowhere fast.

In desperation, Scarlett rang Sophie and asked for her secret.  It wasn’t diet and exercise. Sophie was apparently using a product that was only available via special clinics.

This wonder-drop was so good it made it possible to keep slim without counting calories or putting in any hard work.

The wonder drops did the trick for Scarlett too. They changed her life. She was so happy she wanted to help other women to lose weight as welll. She contacted the doctor who created it.

Strangely enough, he’d never thought of selling it outside his private clinic, but Scarlett convinced him.

Now thousands of women are using it to “melt the fat away restore their slender body and make their friends green with envy”. Or so the story goes.

What is BioHarmony Complex Plus and How Does It Work?

The diet drops contain a blend of 10 plant extract chosen by Dr Zane Sterling.

The formulation aims to prevent the stress hormone cortisol from interfering with thyroid function and slowing the metabolism.

Cortisol belongs to a family of hormones known as glucocorticoids. Based on the finding of a Stanford study, Dr Sterling states glucocorticoids control the “switch” that produces fat cells.

The use of the story is very clever. It allows the manufacturer to make some outrageous claims without actually making any direct claims at all.

The sales page merely appears to be telling a story where Scarlett is the one stating what the drops can do.

According to Scarlett, BioHarmony Complex Plus is an “incredible, unusual weight loss secret” that allows anyone to burn their fat with very little effort.

Marketing Claims (Courtesy of Scarlett)

  • Lose weight without diet or exercise
  • No need to avoid carbs or count calories
  • Just flick the switch and watch the fat melt away
  • Allows you to lose weight and feel smarter
  • Start losing 12-23 lbs of nagging fat straight away

The BioHarmony Complex Plus sales story suggests the only reason women get fat is because of all the stress they face when they get older.

When they are younger, their biggest stress is deciding which skirt to wear. Then come the family and kids and juggling work with family life. They have so much stress every day it’s no wonder they get fat.

Now Dr Sterling has come up with the answer.

Manufacturer Credibility – Who Makes BioHarmony Complex Plus

Science Natural Supplements is based in Las Vegas, United States. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, the company has only been trading since 2017.

Science Natural Supplements was founded by a former kettlebell gym owner from San Diego.

His name is Cody Bramlett. He began the company after a quest to ease his father’s pain with inflammation caused by his being overweight.

Cody’s research led him to turmeric. He began giving it to his father and changed his life in a matter of weeks.

Turmeric Curcumin

All of Cody’s early products were turmeric-based. He’s since gone on to add other types of natural supplement to his range.

Overall, the company has a good online reputation, but many people complain about overly pushy attempts to encourage customers to buy extra products.

In some cases, this pushiness has discouraged customers from buying. Instead of adding extra products they simply abandoned their cart.

BioHarmony Complex Plus customer reviews

How Do You Use BioHarmony Complex Plus?

As is normally the case with diet drops, you need to place them under the tongue. In this case, you do so every morning.

What are the Ingredients In BioHarmony Complex Plus?

The formulation contains 10 natural ingredients: Here are the BioHarmony Complex Plus ingredients.

  • Rhodiola
  • African Mango
  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Astragalus
  • African Mango Extract
  • Niacin
  • Pygeum

What Do the Ingredients Do?

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb. Research suggests the ingredient can reduce stress. Research also supports its use for fighting fatigue and improving concentration. However, the study participants got 576 mg of Rhodiola Rosea per day. BioHarmony Complex Plus may not provide that much.

African Mango

African mango extracts are believed to be good for supporting weight loss. There’s speculation this may be because the extracts improve leptin sensitivity. It’s a promising ingredient but further study is necessary.


A non-proteinogenic amino acid. Your body can make it but the form you get from supplements is synthesized in a lab. It’s often used for boosting athletic performance.


An amino acid that’s often favored by sports supplement manufacturers. L-Carnitine carries fatty acids to the cells. This allows it to boost energy. The ingredient may help with weight loss too. Some studies support its use in this way, others do not.


Another amino acid. This one boosts NO (nitric oxide), which improves circulation. Boosting NO allows your muscles and organs to obtain a better supply of oxygen and nutrients. This is good for you in many ways. The most obvious value here is extra energy.


One more amino acid to add to the mix. L-Glutamine is in the formulation due to a study that shows it has helped non-dieting females to lose weight.


Beta-Alanine is an amino acid too. Dr Sterling is using it here to support fat loss, boost serotonin, and act as an anti-aging compound.


A popular Chinese herb. Dr Sterling chose it because a study suggests it helps women recover from neurochemical impairments due to stress. I cannot find any detail of this study.


Also called Vitamin B3, Niacin boosts energy and improves circulation.


A medicinal tree bark extract. It’s allegedly added here due to a study that shows it prevents oxidative stress and improves sleep by 19%.

I found the study. It was conducted on men with prostate problems. There is no mention of oxidative stress. Nor did the ingredient directly improve sleep. It actually reduced nocturia by 19%.  All this means is taking pygeum may make you 19% less likely to wake because you need to go for a pee.

Are There Any Customer Reviews for BioHarmony Complex Plus?

I was unable to find any genuine customer reviews. However, some affiliates who are trying to promote the product are doing so via pages that masquerade as reviews.

Is There a Risk of Side Effects?

Some of the ingredients have the potential to cause side effects.

High doses of niacin may cause flushing and itching of the skin along with a burning sensation.  Rhodiola Rosea might cause some women to feel drowsy, prevent them from sleeping, or cause dizziness and headaches.

The formulation contains 10 ingredients. That’s quite a lot and the inclusion rates are not disclosed. That makes it hard to predict how they will interact.

If you are seriously considering using this product, I suggest you talk to your doctor first and get some expert advice. If you are pregnant or nursing, I suggest you don’t use it at all and your doctor will undoubtedly tell you the same.

BioHarmony Complex Plus Reviews Conclusion

There are lots of reasons why women gain weight.

The same can be said for men. However, be it due to hormonal imbalances, out of control appetite, or just greed; there is only one way to gain weight. You have to eat more calories per day than your body can burn.

Choosing an effective appetite suppressant can make or break your diet. A good appetite suppressant can help control food cravings and really get your daily calorie intake where it should be.

Losing weight is simply a case of reversing the process.

You need to eat less calories than your body needs.

There is evidence that shows a link between elevated cortisol levels and weight gain.

That means there is a chance the drops may help some women to lose weight.

However, a healthy diet will still be necessary. It doesn’t matter what weight management product you are using, if you eat too much food you are never going to get slim.

This product is sold with the promise it will make losing weight as easy as flipping a switch. When I hear claims like that, the only thing I’m flipping is my finger.

Will the formulation reduce stress? If it contains enough Rhodiola Rosea, it might. But does it? There is no way to know. Is it better than the alternatives women can choose? Let’s just say this one does not blow me away.

There are many female fat burners on the market and I can think of more than one that has better credentials than BioHarmony Complex Plus.

Where to Buy BioHarmony Complex Plus and How Much Does it Cost?

BioHarmony Complex Plus is only available via the official sales page.

A bottle of BioHarmony Complex Plus allegedly has an RRP of just under USD $150. That’s probably just a marketing gimmick to make the present price sound like a very good deal.

At the time of this review, BioHarmony Complex Plus was selling for USD $49 per bottle. That’s pretty much the average cost for a product of this nature.


BioHarmony Complex Plus has a 180-day money-back guarantee.

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Does BioHarmony Complex Plus work?

It contains some good ingredients that have weight loss potential. So technically the dietary supplement be responsible for some people losing weight. Whether or not it can work as efficiently as the website claims is another matter.

How much does BioHarmony Complex Plus cost?

BioHarmony Complex Plus is selling for USD $49 per bottle. That’s pretty much the average cost for a product of this nature.

Is BioHarmony Complex Plus available in Canada?

Yes, the product ships to all regions in Canada

Are BioHarmony Complex Plus reviews real?

Yes and no, as with most things on the internet you have use your judgement. There are some honest and impartial reviews but there are some that are set up purely to show the product in a good light without drawing attention to its negatives.