Rapid Tone Weight loss pills Review – Burns Fat and Suppresses Hunger

Getting fit and strong all starts with a disciplined diet and exercise routine. While the fight to keep the weight off is not easy, well thought out supplements like female fat burners should help even up the fight. This is my review of Rapid Tone weight loss pills.

Rapid Tone reviews

Transparent formula – Nothing sinister to hide.
Stackable – Would be more potent if combined with another weight loss supplement.
Safe dosing – The dosages are safe enough to reduce side effects.

Weak dosing – Maybe they should double the serving size.
Expensive – At two capsules a day, it’s not exactly cheap for what it includes.
Customer reviews are fairly mixed.

A typical Amazon product. The hype overrides any validity the fat may have.

There are better products in our opinion that are better suited to women.

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One of the supplements you might use right now to fight the fat off is Rapid Tone Weight loss pills.

Rapid Tone promises to be the kind of fat burner that keeps you from getting up at night craving midnight snacks or giving in to take out meals every day of the week.

However, can Rapid Tone actually help with weight loss?

Check our Rapid Tone Weight loss pills review: to find out!

What is Rapid Tone Weight loss pills and How Does It Work?

The owners of Rapid Tone describe it as a fat burner that contains ‘extreme’ ingredients including green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones.

They have also said their formula is meant to help you enter ketosis quicker.

Whilst we don’t think there’s anything ‘extreme’ about this product here are some other things we noticed:

  • No prop blend. We like seeing everything in the label.
  • Caffeine warning. Not everyone is accustomed to consumption of caffeine, so this should be a consideration for users of Rapid Tone.
  • Has a lot of certifications. They claim vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free among their collection of certificates.

Based on what we read on their sales page, Rapid Tone Weight loss pills work mainly by blocking fat storage and suppressing appetite.

Like many fat burners on Amazon they only contain natural ingredients to help facilitate changes to your body.

For that reason Rapid Tone won’t work in the same way as a prescription only product.

You may see adverts while searching on Google (or other search engines) that suggest Rapid Tone has been featured on Shark Tank. This is not true.

Rapid Tone Ingredients

What immediately struck us about Rapid Tone Weight loss pills is the fact that they contain such a short, simple, fat-burning stack.

Five key ingredients and just one other ingredient comprising of vegetable cellulose used for the capsule.

The people behind Rapid Tone Weight loss pills really nailed their colors to the mast on what they think works and what doesn’t.

  • Green Coffee Bean. Green coffee beans are known for a compound called chlorogenic acid or CGA. Chlorogenic Acid has been researched for its potential weight loss effects.
  • Raspberry Ketones. Raspberry Ketones derive from the skin of Raspberries. They work in a similar way to hot spices like cayenne in that they promote fat burning through a process called Thermogenesis.
  • Garcinia Cambogia. This extract mainly serves as a carb blocker. Its active compound, hydroxycitric acid or HCA, supposed prevent fat storage by minimsing the effects of carbohydrates on the body.
  • Caffeine. At 130 mg, this familiar energy booster might be a little too much for some to handle. Whilst it doesn’t burn fat in itself it has been proven to increase workout capacity meaning you should burn more calories whilst you train.
  • Green Tea extract std. to 45% EGCG. EGCG, the active compound in green tea is said to be one of the most potent weight loss ingredients around. This is because certain studies have claimed it can stimulate the production of fat burning hormones.
Rapid Tone review
The Rapid Tone website – this link is not live

Clean formula, simple design, and short fat-burner stack are what makes Rapid Tone Weight loss pills.

The major hurdle for this product however is the lack of efficacy when it comes to their dosing.

At just 650mg per daily dose you won’t find a study out there that supports Rapid Tone’s fat burning prowess.

What Works

Whilst we don’t believe Rapid Tone will initiate fat loss due to the low dosages and omission of key ingredients, there are still likely to be some benefits.

130mg of Caffeine should be enough to give you an energy boost at least. Although if that is all you are looking for, you could probably achieve the same effect by spending a few dollars on a coffee.

What Doesn’t Work

In all honesty, without proven appetite suppressants in the formula we can’t see how this dietary supplement will help you reduce your calorie consumption.

You could try doubling the dose in order try make the result more potent. However this might come with the risk of side effects given 200mg of caffeine per serving is the most we would every recommend.

What’s Missing?

We think Rapid Tone Weight loss pills would have benefited from adding these three ingredients in their fat burning formula.

  • Glucomannan. This is a type of fiber that binds with water and forms a gel. This then allows the user to feel full for a longer period of time, paving the way for successful appetite suppression.
  • Vitamin B. B-vitamins are used up during tough exercise to reduce tiredness and fastigue, so the addition of b-complex would’ve have been a thoughtful perk.
  • Chromium. Chromium is amazingly effective at pinch-dosages. It works on weight loss by limiting appetite and reducing cravings. It also balances blood sugar which is a pretty neat health benefit for something so small.

Usage Instructions

The manufacturer recommends one capsule twice a day, preferably 20-30 minutes before a meal.

Rapid Tone Weight Loss Pills Customer Reviews

A positive review for Rapid Tone
A positive review for Rapid Tone

Good Reviews for Rapid Tone

“I found the magic pill for my weight loss!”

“Really boosted my weight loss program..”

“I ordered 3-months supply and lost 17 lbs so far.”

Negative Review for Rapid Tone
Negative Review for Rapid Tone

Bad Reviews for Rapid Tone

“Took it for months now. No real effect on me..”

“It actually made me gain more weight.”

“It felt expensive if you took it twice a day.”

Side effects with Rapid Tone Weight

It does have a bit of caffeine, but nothing you won’t be able to tolerate well. The 130 mg dosage is just a cup and a half of brewed coffee. If you can tolerate two cups of coffee, you can tolerate Rapid Tone Weight loss pills.

Where to Buy Rapid Tone Weight loss pills

One bottle (60 servings): $39.94

Available on Amazon and select online retail stores.


Moneyback guarantees are always popular with customers in this sector. That’s because many people want to give something a try without the risk of losing out.

Rapid Tone appear to take advantage of this by offering a 30-day return policy, this enables buyers to return the pills if they have a change of heart and in some cases even if they’ve already opened the bottle.

Rapid Tone Summary


  • Transparent formula. Nothing sinister to hide.
  • Safe dosing. The dosages are safe enough to reduce side effects.
  • Stackable. Would be more potent if combined with another weight loss supplement.


  • Weak dosing. Maybe they should double the serving size.
  • Expensive. At two capsules a day, it’s not exactly cheap for what it includes.

The Bottom Line

Like all health supplements, Rapid Tone Weight loss pills shouldn’t be viewed as an alternative to exercise.

However when you do take it alongside your workout the caffeine content should give you a good boost and potential energy spurt.

But don’t expect many changes to your appetite as you won’t find any form of soluble fiber in this supplement.

We also note that there are a significant number of vitamins and minerals missing from this formula.

Whilst Vitamins supplements don’t directly stimulate weight loss they do ensure that you aren’t deficient in anything, something that guarantees that your body’s natural ability to fight fat is not compromised at all.

Overall we believe that Rapid Tone is not the best value for money, particularly when you factor in that it only contains a quarter of the ingredients of some of its main competitors.


Can men take Rapid Tone?

Yes, it is suitable for both men and women

Is Rapid Tone Available in stores?

No, it is available online only. Amazon is the most likely stockist.

Is Rapid Tone the same as RapidTone Pro

No, they are two different products

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