Purefit Keto Review – Does it Work, Everything You Need to Know

Last updated on February 6th, 2019

Purefit keto




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Safety Rating


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  • Built on Keto principle
  • Nice looking brand
  • Side effects unlikely


  • Differs form other Keto formulas
  • Lack of positive customer feedback
  • Some shipping issues
  • Poor customer reveiws
  • Bad customers service - ongoing refund issues

Purefit Keto Review

In this review of Purefit Keto I will explain everything you need to know about this diet supplement.

You have probably read about Purefit Keto and Shark Tank (it is highly unlikely that anyone, let alone sharks, dragons etc would invest in a product such as this). This product is really being advertised heavily in the USA, UK and Australia and now all over mainland Europe.

Diet pills based on the Keto principle are among the most popular – Purefit Keto is no exception, stock levels are extremely low such is the demand.

What Does Purefit Keto Advanced Weight Loss Do?

Purefit Keto is not a product to invest your weight loss hopes into.

I am just going to list a few bullet points as to what is wrong with this product.

  • This supplement has nothing to do with Ketosis
  • They have got the science completely wrong
  • There are no notable ingredients in it.
  • The whole thing just reeks of disappointment
  • Complaints, complaints, complaints !!!!

Editors Choice

Editors Choice – our preference is for PhenQ – a multi action diet pill that has many benefits.

  1. PhenQ v Purefit KetoFast working fat burner that can reduce excess body fat
  2. Can also block a percentage of fat from your food
  3. Also can reduce daily calorie consumption by suppressing appetite
  4. Prevents the feelings of tiredness and fatigue
  5. Great customer feedback and comments
  6. 60 day money back guarantee

Read the full review of PhenQ here

A Little Summary on Keto Dieting

If you have no idea what Keto (Ketogenetic dieting) is then we have a written an über long and detailed article that explains everything you will ever need to know and more. A good place to start is here …It’s long don’t say I haven’t warned you!

I like bacon as much as the next person, but if you try and tell me I shouldn’t eat fruit because it’s full of sugar, I’m going to laugh in your face until one of us collapses.

And my muscles actually contain glycogen, sooooo…

Anyway, my personal feelings about ketogenic dieting is fairly irrelevant.

I fully accept it works for some people – lots of people if this current wave of hype is anything to go by – but it only works for them because they can stick to it…and it’s the sticking to it that helps them lose weight.

That’s because consistent adherence to a calorie deficit is the long term way of losing weight, and achieving your body goals.

Keto diet what to eat

You can do it with or without carbohydrates, but if you do it without, and you go full keto, you might be wondering whether there are some keto-friendly supplements out there to help you succeed.

On your subsequent googlage, you could come across PureFit Keto, a website with one aim: to sell you a bottle of pills called Keto – Advanced Weight Loss.

Is it “the easiest way to burn fat”? as the website states. Will you “burn fat faster than ever”?

What Does Purefit Keto Advanced Weight Loss Do?

The Purefit contains an ingredient called BHB – aka beta-hydroxybutyrate. This is one of the first compounds – ketone bodies – manufactured when the body goes into ketosis due to very low carbohydrate ingestion.

Ketosis is where your body derives energy from fat and not from glucose (from carbs).

BHB can be used as a fuel in the absence of glucose. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier and there have similar effects on cognitive function.

Purefit say that their product can

“put your body into ketosis”.

They even have a menu header you can click, that says “The Proof”.

When you click for “The Proof” the page just scrolls down to a screenshot of a bunch of facebook messages from happy customers. If only that’s all it took to prove something worked…the internet would explode.
Back to what Purefit Keto does for you. Well, they have a section on how it works too. I’ll try and summarize what they are saying:

  • Carbs are a bad source of fuel
  • Eating carbs makes us store fat because our body burns carbs first (even though it’s a bad source of fuel apparently)
  • We feel tired because we eat carbs

…but if you take Purefit Keto:

  • You burn stored fat instead of carbs
  • Fat is the ideal source of energy, and gives you 225% more energy than carbs
  • When you are in ketosis you have energy and mental clarity, the likes of which you have never before experienced
  • You will experience very rapid weight loss

So that’s it. You’ll burn fat instead of carbs and you’ll lose weight super quick.

What they don’t tell you

Oh, they neglect to tell you that you will actually mostly eat fat and some protein to stay in ketosis. But I guess they’d say the fat you eat won’t count as long as it’s not carbs (where’s a raised eyebrow emoji when you need it?).

They go on to explain that BHB can cross the blood brain barrier, which is normally a “very tightly regulated interface but because BHB is such a rock star and so hydrophilic, your brain knows to let it in…”

Ummmmm, no.

Hydrophilic substances like ketone bodies cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Ketone bodies need something called a monocarboxylate transporters (MCT) to get into the brain.

So, BHB crosses the blood-brain barrier DESPITE being hydrophilic, not because of it.

Ketogenic diet

Purefit Keto Side Effects and Precautions

I don’t expect there to be any side effects if you take this.

However, considering the amount of information this company has neglected to mention, it’s worth saying that you have to change your lifestyle, and basically remove all but 50 grams of carbs per day, in order to stay in ketosis.

You can’t just dip in and out of ketosis whenever you take a pill. It just doesn’t work like that.

As for weight loss, there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that going ketogenic speeds it up.

The difference in the number of calories you consume versus those you burn throughout the day is what determines whether you lose weight or not.

Eat a calorie surplus of fat and you will put weight on, no matter whether you are avoiding carbs like the plague or not. Eat below maintenance calories and you will lose weight.

It is that simple.

What’s the Verdict – Will Purefit Keto Work?

I’ll say it again: if weight loss is your goal, then you need to eat below your maintenance calories.

Maintenance calories is the quantity of food in terms of energy (kcal) that will keep you at your current weight.

If you eat 2500 calories a day and you burn 2500, then you are at maintenance.

Eat 2000 calories per day and burn 2500, and you are losing weight.

A bottle of these pills might sound awesome, and ketogenic diets might be in vogue again, but it always always always comes down to calories in and calories out.

What are the Best Diet Pills for Weight Management

Best choice productWe have reviewed, tested and rated hundreds of diet products - do you want to know what the most effective brands are?

We avoid pseudo science and only included verifiable clinical evidence.

We use the personal experiences of users and their feedback - we also use the scientific data and clinical evidence including videos.

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  1. Pure Fit Keto is nothing but yet another big scam. Not only did it not work but it gave me a bad reaction. In trying to return the product I hadn’t used, I was rudely refused. Their advertisement about free trial and easy returns is BS. Very bad customer service and very misleading advertising!

    • I accidently sent an order and immediately sent a note to cancel then called. They doubled the amount owed on the product and then told me they would only give me a portion of what I paid back. I was shocked and really angry with not only trying to rip me off, doubling the cost, and just how I was treated. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR SUPPORT THIS KIND OF COMPANY.

      • How did they respond and how did you contact them? I went to get a free bottle and I got scammed and immediately asked to cancel cause I got charged $95 and they won’t get back to me.

        • They’ve just done this to me too but taken even more money out, I only ordered the free bottle and they sent 5! No address to send them back. Total rip off be warned, do not buy rubbish product!

          • Same happened to me .. I managed to contact them and was told I could return them but it would cost me about £59 so I settled for a part refund .. they charged me £152 and I got back £89 I can’t believe they are still on FB selling them and using other celebrities to con people 😤

      • I ordered then realised theyd charged me £75 delivery so tried to cancel but their phone lines were dead. I recieved the order but it ended up costing £151. Total scam.

        • They have just done the same to me, it’s disgusting , I have asked for a call back but nothing as yet, this was a couple of hours agoo

        • please would you cancel my order, i paid £ 151 when i thought it was going to be £33 .i would like a refund please paid back to my paypal account or get my bank to get it for me. thankyou

          • Hello Geraldine. I hope you realise it is not us that you purchased from, we are nothing do with Purefit Keto. If you read through the comments on this thread there are customers like yourself that have been duped (for want of a better word) and have managed to get some of their money back.

          • Hi you can complain to Paypal and they will look into the matter for you, they should refund you if you paid through Paypal, good luck!

        • The same thing happened to me £22 and they took £156 from my account l don’t know how to get it back disgusting

        • Ditto my order should have been 22.50 i got charged 151.00 they offered 50% back but then cannot count as said would refunf 51.00 most annoyed at myself for getti g scammed

      • Same thing happened to me I was mislead into ordering instead of free trial
        To return it from Ireland is over 60 euro
        While the company take calls and customer service apologies and wish you a nice day they were in no way helpful to my plight

    • i got scammed aswel. thought i paid £22 for 1 bottle, looked on card steatment and was £151 pending. phoned bank and they said it was a monthly subscription. managed to get it cancelled in time.

      • Exactly the same with me. Sent numerous emails Asking to cancel with no replies I ordered one and got charged 151£. My lawyer was to start going down legal measure for false misrepresentation and scam. Eventually they sent me a new support telephone number. They were more helpful and said it will be refunded. I’m waiting. If they try to take more money next month it will be a legal case. Hopefully it won’t get to that .Eileen

        • Hello. this is exactly what has happened to me. I cancelled the order 1 hour after I realised they had charged me 151.00 instead of 72. They have said I will get a refund of 38.00. I’m waiting for a email back from them I would love to have the phone number you have been given please. Good luck with your case bev

          • Thanks Faith and Simpson for the number. I had to threaten legal action to completely cancel order 15 mins after ordering, I noticed the amount on my credit card was $270 instead of the expected $99.00…. They kept trying to reduce my order. I kept threatening legal action, it was bad… Anyway they are reimbursing….PHEW!!!

      • It’s happen now with me the same, can you explain to me how you managed to cancel this payment and subscription, please.
        Mateusealegria @hotmail .com

      • I have been caught out stupid me I have sent many emails but got no response do you know a number I can call from the uk

        • They have done the same to me they charged me huge amount after several trials manage to get a refund of 94£ and had to wait for 2 months to receive the product. Ll phone my bank to check if they will take any other money. Not a happy customer at all.

    • just now i felt in to the instagram promotion and i confirm for a $29 USD and they charged me $199 USD just call to cancelled and they rudely refused… it was an Hour after purchase that they refused to cancelled

      • Just happened to me to… I wish I had known better. When I saw that they’d charged me $360 Canadian for some thing that was advertised as 29.95, I called to cancel immediately. Was told that the order was already accepted at the ‘fulfillment agency’ and I could not get a refund. The order isn’t even shipped but now apparently I have to wait for it to arrive only to pay the postage to return it. When I said it had only been 10 minutes since I placed my order, he argued with me and then hung up on me. I called back, got what sounded like the same person, went through the same spiel and was told he’d put me through to his ‘manager’. Manager also sounded like the exact same guy. No refund. Terrible customer service. Total scam. Spoke to visa and they can only help me if the merchandiser doesnt fulfill the order in some way or refused to refund when I send the product back.

    • Have you got the company address as need to give my initial order to the bank
      They took £ 151.00 instead the trial price of three bottles snd set up a standing order in my bank for £ 58.00 without my knowledge. So please send me the info and if you can the facebook ad

  2. Doesn’t do what it is suppose to and complete waste of money. And just targets people who are desperate to lose weight and just can’t I went through the change and piled on 2 stone and I have tried alsorts to get rid of the extra weight

  3. I also phoned to cancel the same day I had ordered for the following . I found different information that made me realize it was a scam.
    One, they sent an email using a friend’s name saying it was good. My friend has never used this. They also advertised that shark tank supported them but this was not true. So I phoned to cancel, they tried numerous ways to not let me cancel, but I would not give in and they finally agreed to the cancelation.

    • Hi sorry to bother u but can u help me with a telephone number to call this company as they taken out loads from my account thanks anne

        • I too got caught out, foolishly believing an advert that popped up on my Facebook page. Only realised when I checked my statement and saw they had taken £151 instead of the free trial amount. I rang and managed to get through and only by being really forceful and refusing any offer of partial refund did she agree to cancel my account and email me the return address .
          I returned them via recorded delivery which tracked from start to end . Didn’t then reply to my emails, found tel no was disconnected due to fraudulent activity. I eventually found an alternative no. and amazingly got straight through , told her I was still waiting for refund and gave her the tracking no. She checked and then said they had recvd the goods back and told me I would recv £132 in the next 2-5 days which I am happy to report I did! Be persistent and don’t give in! 2nd tel no I used was +1 888 422 9040.


      • I have just fallen into the same trap! Luckily I spotted they tried to take £151 from my account and immediately contacted my bank. The amount was still pending so they have put a block on the company taking the money and all future transactions. The bank told me these companies tend to do this and keep taking money every month!! My advice…. get in touch with your bank as soon as possible

    • Hi please can you give me the number I contact, they took £151 out of my account I did not authorise this transaction. I am trying to get somewhere of contacting them but haven’t been able to so far.
      Thank you Ursula

      • Ursula, the did the sma to me, I thought I ordered 1 tub of pills for £22.00 but they took £151 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT, I am livid.

        • Me too Dee. One tub and tbey sent 5 tubs and charged me £151. Im taking them to Trading Standards to be inspected and tested. I cant get an address or phone number as I obviously want my money back. Think im going to have to change my bank account. Lorraine

          • I am really worried now as I have just brought some and not checked my bank account to see if they have taken more than they should have thanks for the heads up

        • Hi They did the same to me £151 out out my account is there something we can do or someone we can contact regarding this .
          I have informed my bank not to pay anymore money to these crooks.

          • I’m worried they will do the same as I signed up for the trials phoned my bank to put a stop on it but I’m worried they will do it from another name. did you try to cancel it though the bank

        • Hi, same here. I contacted my bank about my purchase..expected one bottle..sent five and £151.00 taken out of account…anger, frustration ..Wicked people!!

        • I had the same thing I thought it was 29.99 and they took £151, not nice and very worrying, I was then advised to cancel my card by Superman, it sure sounds like a scam, just a worry if they can get anymore out of your account, I have my bank working on it now through a dispute.

        • Me too. How on earth do you get in touch with them? I rang 3 times,waited 3 minutes and got cut off each time. It’s all a com.

      • Ursula They took £151 out of my account too when i thought I was paying £22 for trial tub. I cant get in touch with anyone or find a phone number or address.Ive a pal at Trading Standards going to get tgem tested. If anyone knows a number or email can you please.let me have it. Best thing is to cancel bank account so they cant take any more

        • They sent me 5 bottles that I never ordered, with no address to send them back or any paperwork. I have tried them ,I haven’t slept and come tea time I feel low. I dread to think what are in them. Would love to know what is in them

          • They done the same to me £151 out my bank account went to the bank it was to late couldn’t get my money bk on 5 bottle what a con I feel sick because of it av got the address on the box they sent the tablets in but would I get my money bk if I do return them???

      • I found a number on their website and rang them. They tried to say I had signed up for something else as well. I finally got them to refund me £74 and take me off whatever it was they said I had signed up for. I still paid more than advertised. I didn’t understand how they could take £151 off me. I have re dived the pills but don’t know whether to take them.

          • I think I rang the number that is on the pill container +44(20)3318-1178. I got it wrong the first time but got there eventually. It was answered by a foreign lady who kept saying she was sorry I wasn’t satisfied. She offered me a smaller refund and then when I said no, went up to £74 which meant I had still paid more than advertised but I was just pleased to get it. She confirmed it by email and also confirmed that I did not want any more.

      • Hello they did exactly the same thing to me. It should have been £67.20 & they took £151.00 they are refunding me £38.00 instead of the £83.80 that they actually owe me.
        I’m waiting for another reply.
        Everybody should stay away from this product they are thieves.

        • Are you in the UK. My husband got caught out by this and we can find no written evidence of the amount he was supposed to be charged…..he thinks just less than £60 for 5 bottles – saw on FB. He received and has been charged the £151

      • mine has been the same. i am trying to get a number vit i cant. its not good at all. should of only cost me £67 and took £151. but i dont have an invoice or anything.

      • Hi Ursula I have tried to contact them this morning, they insist that you ordered the 5 and will not let it go you have to send the product back first just ring the police

        • Hi Su
          You spoke to them this morning. Thank you for that, but how do they expect people to send them back if they don’t give u am address, returns label or invoice when you receive them. I think we all will have been took for fools don’t you, sending them back,I still don’t think I would get my money back just another payment out of my pocket

      • Same happened to me. I called phone no from the confirmation email and got through straight away. Lady was trying to convince me to take partial refund but I was borderline rude demanding full refund. She finally gave in and promised all £151 back which I got it back. Make sure that you ask for confirmation email about any refund so you have a written proof just in case. They sent me those pills anyway so I called again. Lady said that just to write return to sender on original packaging and send it back which I did.

      • The address is: PO BOX 1079,
        UT 84062
        Phone number: +448081896334
        You need to request a return form to print off & fill in they will send it to you via email, I sent mine back by recorded & tracking delivery it costs roughly £12 but it’s worth it to get your money back. I have just received an confirmation email from them to say they received it & I will get a full refund in 2/3 days. I hope this information helps you.

    • I’ve tried to contact them but heard nothing. Do you have a phone number I can call? They took far to much money out of my account, I emailed them to cancel my order before it was processed but heard nothing.

    • Can somebody provide a phone number or email address. They have taken out two payments and I want to return the tablets.



  5. This company has just stolen £151 from me. I was asked to pay $39.99. I think that speaks volumes. I cannot find an address anywhere to complain to the company.Can anybody advise me.

    • Yes, call their call centre in London on 0203 318 1178. I kept threatening her that if I don’t at least receive a partial refund for the cleansing bottle and the overcharge on first bottle I would take this further legally. So she promised me to give me a refund of £25.33 within 3-5 working days and cancelled my subscription on her end so that they would charge me no more. I told her I will wait to see if the money will be in my bank in 1 week and if not, will take legal action.


    • You can stop the payment at your end you don’t need to explain yourself to them, especially as they make it as vague as they can for customers to complain or cancel their order.Its your bank and your finances.

  6. absolute rip off scam they sent me an email from my sister claiming she endorsed it she had never heard of them they advertised it at 25£ but charged my account 150£ don’t use them

  7. if you have trouble contacting this co they can be reached o0n 0203 318 1178 don’t take no for an answer I have just got them to cancel auto supply very important and to refund the money they stole from me do not touch this company real scammers

  8. Scamming, unethical, thieving low-lives. Phished me by sending an email from an account belonging to my daughter….even started the email ‘Hi dad’. Targeting Aussie market without declaring price is in US$. No chance to review order before it’s processed. No cancellation when asked. Can’t believe these people are allowed to trade.

  9. I have just been scammed by this company – keep sending more and more pills, charging me more . Having trouble finding a contact number and how to get refund

    • You will never get a refund try this no 1-888-422-9040 .got a person and told her I has already contacted my bank to put a stop payment ,she tried to talk me into still getting and I told her NO that I would proceed with fraud charges if I got another one

      • You’re very lucky! They took £151 from my account. I managed to get a return form and postal address , cost another £15 to send recorded delivery and even though they received the returned goods on 10th Jan I didn’t receive a penny back! Won’t return my e-mails and contact tel no is now disconnected and has been reported as a fraudulent number!!!! Thank you to Elaine for alternative no. I have just rung and managed to speak to a person who has confirmed that my account is showing as cancelled so that’s a relief, and she confirmed when I gave her the tracking no. that they received the goods and will refund my account in 3 – 5 days. But I’ll believe it when I see it!!

          • Amazingly yes I got all of it back down to the last penny! Firstly you must make sure they cancel your account and e mail you to confirm this. Then ask them to e mail u a returns form . Make sure you send recorded delivery and save the tracking no. Then when u can see it has been recvd by them you need to ring them again with the tracking no. and demand a full refund.

  10. I wante to try one bottle before going all out for it. They charged me way too much – nearly doubling the shipping charge. The bottle did NOT arrive despite my being sent numerous emails about its transit status. I then received an email saying they were charging my card for the ‘repeat’ order! I immediately contacted my bank and stopped any further payments to this company who, to be fair, did accept my email telling them not to charge ever again. A ‘replacement’ bottle did arrive and I have now used it for a month. A complete waste of time and money, never mind the effort involved. Last, but by no means least, they do not seem willing to give information about their company such as where it is registered, company number, VAT, etc., etc. DON’T TRUST THEM.


      • Hi. I placed an order on the offer where you buy three bottles and get two free. They took £151pounds from my account. No phone numbers sent loads of email no response. I have been overcharged way too much. Im really disappointed it seems like as soon as they have your bank details thats all that matters. Terrible service. I think cons.

  12. I had £151 stopped out of my bank account,I thought I was only being charged £22-40 for what I ordered, I have sent them a email waiting for a reply , urgently. SCAM.

    • Hi Margaret (and everyone) yes it is highly advised not purchase this product (Purefit Keto). It is a big red flag when you see a website like one selling Purefit Keto – there are no contact details.
      We make no apologies for singing the praises of products such as PhenQ and LeanBean for example. Both companies are completely transparent – PhenQ for example lists a telephone number, a physical address and an about us page, they even have a Wattsapp contact.

    • i’m exactly the same, devasted i was so stupid…. can you please give me their emale address, as i can’t find it. many thanks

  13. I purchased 6 bottles (I am an “all in” kind of person) but, now after reading more I am finding I may be sorry. I have not started the pills/diet yet. I am wondering if I should email them and tell them to NOT SEND ANY REPEAT ORDERS for fear they will according to what I have been reading here…Should stop and do my research FIRST, then make decision… paying for it now!

    • Bonjour lisa
      Ne faite pas confiance a cette compagnie.ce sont des arnaqueurs.votre compte sera debiter regulierement pour des commandes que vous n aurai meme pas fait.je compte bien ouvrir un dossier avec toute les personnes tomber dans le panneau et les poursuivre en justice.
      Amicalement mr lebrun

  14. I ordered £25 worth 3 days befor Christmas they took £151 out of my bank leaving me with £38 for Christmas and I have 3 children. I called them straight away had to really battle to get my money I told them I had called my bank and would be getting my money back , they send me email saying they have closed my account then 2 days later retook the money again then told me they hadn’t

  15. I have also fallen victim to this scam I ordered a trial at £24.95 and when I checked my bank they had taken £151 .I got straight on to my bank which has raised a dispute with them but I haven’t received a invoice so I am unsure how this is going to go at the moment .today a parcel arrived with 5 bottles when I was expecting 1 + 2 free also no invoice or any documation to communicate with them

    • Are you going to use the product, how can you trust what is in it as the company is fraudulent?
      I have also been charged £151.00.

    • I ordered 5 bottles for £22 40 cuz there was 70% discount but charged me £150, I rang my bank n they can’t do anything till products turned up.They turned up today n I explained everything to the bank n have received the money which they shouldn’t have taken.

    • This is what happened to me as well. This company is a fraudulent operation. It took me so long to get through to them for advise to return the five unopened bottles. I ordered only one bottle for trial. I think they have it rigged so that they don’t connect you with a manager for helping, during the sixty days after purchase. They refuse to credit my credit card account and not only that; they sent me a “ cleanser package without my knowledge and I called and finally they credited me for the 69.00$ but right now , I am doubtful they will ever credit me for the four bottles that should not be under a sixty day rule. DONT buy ANYTHING from this company!!!

  16. Completely screamed I ordered this product as an offer 3 for 22.95 each then two free which I guessed £70 how wrong I was this company tried to take £151 pounds out of my account thank goodness the bank spotted it but now they have set me up On a monthly card transaction, appalling and completely misleading, I have checked again and no where does it say this, they are crafty you can’t see the total till you have pressed pay shocking and 100% dishonest

    • It is misleading and an absolute disgrace. Just to reiterate what Jane has said – before you purchase anything online (not just weight loss products but absolutely anything) you have ask yourself does this website looks like it belongs to a real company. Check there is physical address, a telephone number .. look at their social media, Instagram, facebook etc…. if you have doubts don’t buy.
      The products we recommend are based not only on product efficacy but also their ‘real’ presence – we have a check list that we go though. The last point is the ease in which a customer can request their money back. We do not ever recommend buying a product that you are duped in signing up for monthly shipments.

  17. Hello,

    I’ve been scammed too 🙁 I have just contacted my bank who were very helpful and will stop the payment of £151.00, I feel stupid for buying this product off facebook.

  18. I have fallen victim to this also I’ve had to cancel my bank card my bank couldn’t stop the transaction as it was pending. The money was taken out my bank today they have blocked my from calling them I have sent numerous emails with no reply typical. I have now contacted fraud prevention at my bank fir help to retrieve my money from these scumbags but not holding out any hope. Feel stupid to be conned like this.

  19. They also claim to do moisturisers, same blah blah as the keto pulse, dragons den and all that bumph. I got ripped off with the moisturiser but managed to cancel and return the goods and cancelled payment by my bank before they took the next amount out. Cancel any payments via your bank before you try to contact the so called company. If they can’t receive payment then believe me you will probably hear from them very quickly, then you can sort out the cancellation. Real rip off merchants these two. Dragons Den should be doing something about being associated with such scammers.

  20. I have fallen victim to this also thought I was purchasing package 1 fo £24.40 turn out its really £151.00 cancelled within five minutes after going on line to my bank. They sent me emails next day saying order already shipped (lies) I’ve had to cancel my bank card my bank couldn’t stop the transaction as it was pending. The money was taken out my bank yesterday. They sent me mails stating my account is now closed and I could no longer order from them (as if I would now) they also send an email stating they would refund £39.00 told them to do the maths I paid £151.00 not £39.00. I will email them daily requesting my full refund. Do not trust these people they are scammers.

  21. yes a scam for sure.. they refunded me $120 u.s. after i complained… they initially offered a lesser amount but i insisted that all i would pay was the original offer. i still overpaid. i found the product didnt i work

  22. Same thing happened to me should have been charged £22.40 ,£151 taken from my bank I have tried to contact them Without success. My bank is aware and will make no further payments. What a scam

  23. I have been trying for a week to contact these people with no success.i am at a loss as yo why I have been charged £151 instead of £22.40. I have already stopped any further payments coming from my bank and I request you do the same
    To me this appears to be a scam.

  24. I foolishly thought this company was the one involved with Dragons Den and i eventually ordered 3 bottles for £75 and was taken for £151 (this seems normal) judging by everyone else. I have emailed them and rung them but got no return emails or answered phone calls. I received 5 bottles today shipped from America but no paper work. I will try to block them from my account with the bank. What a scam do not deal with them!!!!!

  25. I can’t believe I would normally do checks on company’s before trying to buy but foolishly I didn’t this time, I ordered 1 bottle and now am down £151 and have not received any tablets. I can’t get in touch with them at all. Big SCAM

    • Hi are you going to sue them they took out £151 from my account name I can’t contact them for refund! I need help

  26. I have had an attempted delivery today and have been told that there is a customs charge on top of what I have paid of £23.65 (no warning of this online) I have yet to check what I have been changed on my bank account but I will be going home from work today and checking my accounts

  27. I have also fallen for this and am waiting for delivery. I have spoken to my bank to stop further chargers from this company but have been trying to contact them via email/phone as I need to return these goods for a full refund and had no luck. What can I do if I receive goods but can’t get hold of them for a refund? Just accept that I’m a silly boy and lost £151 ?

    • Hi, I placed an order in October 2019 money went off my credit card twice already. I’ve phoned and the answers I’ve received is it takes 2 -3 week, I tell them it’s been 3 months then 4 months now 5 months. They want my credit card details because I went to the bank and received new credit card. When I phone now the gentleman said that my package is at customs, but he can’t give me any other information. This is a SCAM, change your credit card. I even stop the orders via email, but they still deducted money.

  28. Well today my one bottle of tables I ordered arrived today. But I got 5 bottles and paid £151 wich I didn’t order I will try them but worried about th feed backs. But I didn’t get any info to send them back so think if I like them I’ll try see a few friends. If get results I will let you all no .

  29. The same happened to me I should pay 22,40 they take from My account 151 f i call thet few times and they offer me refund 39 f 🤣

  30. Am buy product for 24pounds,they charge me 151!Bank stop any futher transactions .London mobile no.not work,they dont answer for my email.Bloody scammers

  31. So angry just paid £22 for a special offer’didnt read reviews first which I normally do but thought as its through dragons den its bound to be safe, wrong £150 taken out bank rang bank straight away can’t do nothing as payments pending but once shows on statement to ring them back if they don’t refund and they will look into it, any one know of a phone number to ring these

  32. My wife has just been scammed. Does anybody know of any contact info ,other than email address….they are not anwsering any emails and have blocked it now. The bank statement said the money was taken by the World of Vitamins in USA.The bank ,however,said the money was taken by another company, using the same name, but is based in the UK.

  33. I too was scammed ordered on bottle and had £151 taken from my account. My bank advised I cancel my debit card, which I did, and the bank reimbursed me the £151. I received 5 bottles a few days ago. I intend to send them back but apparently I need a returns number and an address. No reply to my emails…I will keep trying. Like everyone else I feel foolish and annoyed

  34. I too clicked for one bottle plus two free for £22 and got charged £151. I replied the next day to their confirmation email stating I wanted to cancel as this was not what I ordered. No reply and I emailed for days. This is currently sitting with Disputes at TSB due to fraud. I tried the number also to apply for a refund, its been disconnected due to fraudulent activity? I’ve received an order of 5 bottles, no documentation inside. The product says its made in UK but it was delivered from USA. The value stated on the front of the delivery envelope $5 would you believe it! I too cant believe I’ve been had! Hoping my bank can do something about this.

  35. This is a pure scam, they took $335 from my account and never delivered the product.
    Received an alert for refil with the amount to be paid, lucky enough had called the bank not cancel my credit card. they take money form your account at the same day of the following months. They should be found and prosecuted. how many people have been coned through this scheme.

  36. I have been emailing them since 29/12/18. They scammed me out of £151 also was able to get £39 back before the New Years. Sent them some emails starting with “ Without Prejudice”. The tables arrived last week and I sent them an email regarding the return. A long winded email came back with how to return etc and at the end of that email they offered me 50% back and I get to keep the tables. Been waiting for a week now nothing so I called the number on the bottle 1-888-422-9040 I think an America number with 5 minutes I had confirmation of my money £50.80 so in total just under £90 refunded. Better than nothing I feel better now. If anyone used their debit card cancel it and get a new one. I hope this information helps others.

  37. I think I’ve been scamamed as well. I order what I thought was a bottle for £22 but quite a lot of money has been taken out of my bank account. I will get in touch with my bank and try and sort this mess out

  38. I to have been conned out of £151.No answer to my email. Have spoken to my bank and fraud team are looking into it. Wish I had never ordered from this firm.

  39. Face book were allowing this advert on their site I trusted Facebook but now I don’t they obviously don’t check their advertisers reviews.

  40. Purefit is pure Scam, Scam, scam…Run , run, run. I knew at checkout when not given an invoice that the company was a scam. The 888-849-8039 would not refund my money. I called the 800-972-9512 US number and finally demanded a refund. I also, notified my credit card company. P

  41. This my problem too, I am asking for a refund but they haven’t issued one. How can I get my money back as I paid on my debit card.

  42. Ring your bank to block the company they won’t be able to take any more payments. The banks are aware of these companies doing this. I got caught a while ago and the bank claimed the money back for me.

  43. Hi I ordered 1 bottle as well and there took £151.00 out of my bank when I contacted them there said that my order had been shipped but I would have to pay myself to return them and also that money would be decuted and that I would only get something like £120 back I did not authorise. this money to be taken out of my bank yes I agree pack of crooks there need the fraud squard in to stop this pack of lies and robbing people out of their money I am contacting my back today



  45. I have also been scammed! Was meant to be £37 and they took £99, which I find is an odd amount and most have been charged £151. Either way it’s still a lot of money for nothing!! I have contacted my bank and cancelled my card. The bank have said that I need to wait 15 days for it to go through a dispute with the company before I can get any money back!!

  46. What is it about £151 they did the same to me same order same price same amount taken. Did you get your money back ?? Could do with a phone number for them.

  47. I have now contacted WATCHDOG to look into this as I like you all didn’t realise it was a scam.
    Please if anybody else can also contact them they are more likely to do something about it! It has to be stopped.

    • Hello Samantha, I sincerely hope that everyone affected by this get their money back. Products such as this one do not show the supplement industry in a good light.
      I also hope that everyone affected by this do not think that we (ResearchedSupplements.com) are responsible or connected to PureFit Keto in any way – we are far removed.


  49. can you please the details to get in touch with this company They had done the same thing to me and i have tried every thing and cant get through to them Hoping you can oblige Yours marie


  51. They did the same to me £151 was taken instead of £22.70, I called this number +442033181178 it’s been blocked, I called 1-888-219-6709, I got through after many talk and anger they gave me £96 back and said they cannot cancel the order because it has been processed. Big Scam still waiting for the order

    • does anyone have a return address? I have taken it up with my bank as I also thought it was £22 and they took £151 which was unbelievable. I have sent several emails with no reply.

  52. I absolutely LOVE that you start off the review by telling readers to scan the comments section. Like, “don’t take MY word for it, here are 100 angry people who volunteered their opinions!” Diet pills are a plague. Thanks for being a ray of hope.

    • some are americans, canadians and british… they rip off everyone and have a large territory to do it.. definitely do no buy or you will regret it.. the product doesn’t even work so who knows what is actually in the pills! i took the product for 30 days with no results

  53. Hope this helps. I myself had been charged £151 and thought oh great what have i done!!! I ordered the pills on the 16th Jan and they arrived on the 23rd Jan. Today I rang 001-888-219-6709 and spoke to a call centre in America. I explained being over charged and she straight away offered a refund, however it was not enough, we finally settled on a refund of £95 which will be back on my card between 3-5 working days, also got her to shut the account so i don’t incur any further charges. Both these have been backed up with email conformation. So we will see if the refund happpends. Hope this post helps some people out.

  54. I have also been charged £151 for the trial pack that should have been £24-99 they sent me 5 bottles, I have tried to phone them but the number is disconnected. I have now passed the matter on to the Frauds Department of my bank and they have Blocked Purefit from any further payments from my account.

  55. Hi I made the same mistake of ordering and got charged 151 the numbers on email or bottle are Usa number I finally got to someone using 0018008254719 to call from uk.i hope they refund me.

  56. Hi exactly the same thing happened to my wife. She thought it was £22.00 but they took £151.00.We contacted the bank who told me that ONLINE-NUTI-STORE had set up an ongoing monthly payment. We immediately cancelled this and any further payments.The bank then called them and transferred the call to me I managed to get a refund of £38. We also got a replacement card. They are just pure scum preying on vulnerable people.
    She hasn’t used the pills,as they can’t be trusted to charge the correct money so how can you trust them to supply the correct pills. Which it turns out are useless anyway.

  57. As everyone else I have just been scammed. They deducted £161 from my account. Obviously need to watch for more fraudulent deductions. I have notified my credit card company who are investigating. The UK support number has been disconnected due to suspected fraudulent activity.

  58. I have unfortunately been scammed too of 151.00,ordered online and was led to believe I was paying 22.00,and I haven’t even received the tablets,I am furious! contacted my bank and cancelled my card,got a new one issued,this company are absolute scum,one big scam.

  59. Scammed the same as everyone else £151 just before Xmas. Thought I was paying £22. Decided not to do anything about after reading all the comments and just put it down to an expensive mistake in my part! Today I received an email saying I had also ordered another product costing £53 and it was now being shipped. Absolutely outrageous.

    • Don’t give up . If you are persistent you will get a full refund. Why should they keep your money? I managed to get a return form sent to me and returned them registered mail . I then rang them again once the tracking no. showed received and gave them the no. I recvd an e mail showing my account was now cancelled and also a full refund for £151 !!! They count on people giving up trying to pursue them , but if you are forceful you will eventually get your money back.

  60. Ring your bank and close account they will take
    More money . Clearly fraud and mid-advertising
    As most customers believed paying £22 and £151
    Taken I have returned goods unopened and
    Royal Mail tracked sent constant emails no joy
    Now email from them saying as didn’t ask them
    For return goods label can’t have refund
    But as they didn’t answer phone or emails until
    After time limit for returns I couldn’t get a returns label
    I know they have received goods so they just use
    Delaying tactics and hope you give up.
    On principle I won’t and have instigated civil proceedings they are guilty of mis representation in their adverts fraud in their policies but
    Generally just a well produced scam
    The email I received was from my husband email address with link I also cancelled same day
    But they had charged account within 5 mins
    If all these claims were to go viral and shame this
    Despicable company they may have to refund
    Good luck to everyone trying

  61. Please be aware that our charges will appear on your credit card statement as “Diet Health Solutions 1-888-869-5599”.The SCAMMERS than mentioned on their email To reach us, please call 9AM to 5PM PST: Support Line: +44(20)3318-1178 HOWEVER THAT NUMBER IS BLOCKED TAKEN DOWN, they did not pay their telephone bill their B/S customer services number is non existent. After waiting one month I have now contacted my bankers to report the fraud as they OVERCHARGED me 5 fold and charged me £151 with no product delivery.

    Your order is now being processed by our shipping department, we’ll email you with a Tracking Number to watch your delivery process within 1-3 days.


  62. Me too fell for this scam, altho i did manage to get hold of someone and get a part refund of £97 of the £151 they took, i am so crossed with myself for falling for this.
    total scam

  63. I was misled into buying these diet pills for the price of £22.95 on the “dragons den website advertised on Facebook. So I went ahead & ordered them & the next day I was charged a staggering £151, I contacted the company to complain & demanded a full refund, I have since returned the item with tracking & a signature required upon returned delivery, I’m get to receive my refund & my bank said that they had set up a monthly direct debit in which I was unaware of. Please don’t fall for this scam, they should be prosecuted.

  64. Stupidly didn’t do my homework which I would normally do, scammed same £151 for a £22.40 order!
    My bank has opened a fraud case for me and I’ve had to cancel my debit card as the payer on my banking app shows as continuous which means they can take more money without my authorization!! Absolute scum! BEWARE

  65. I feel dumb. Didn’t do my homework before ordering. Same story here as they doubled the charge. I called 1-866-790-9283. They started talking me down in discounts and said they would credit back 124.00 from the charged 198.00. So 26.00 less than the advertised price. Plus take off therecurring charge so my account will close on their end after they adjust everything and ship it out. She said it will take 3-5 business days to process. UGHHH!!!

  66. This is a real scam, I was shocked when I saw the amount I’m to pay for the order which was far higher than the price advertised. I mailed them immediately to cancel the order only for them to tell me the order has been shipped. They are all rouges.

  67. Hi i’m from philippines we got scammed too,they have a promo which is if you buy 2 bottle free one bottle upon checkout i was surprised the free bottle has a price ang give us extra charge 30$ for mail voucher.can someone help me to get my refund?pls i’m begging to give my money back.

    • I’ve phoned the number they give for support, but there is no support. I sent emails to them to cancel any future orders, because they deduct money every 6 weeks. I’ve even as the support to send me proof that I received the 1st package, he put the phone down on me. You have to go to your bank to reverse it, unfortunately I was to late to do that

  68. It is a SCAM! End off! I’ve just ordered and my bank send me a text message that they blocked my credit card and I a phone call from the fraud section for doing the transaction on line. The price that is showing is not the price that they are charging you. They charge you more than double. Once I recieved the products I have no doubt to send it back right away!

  69. Hey everyone. I’ve just had success with 2 refunds. I tried 3 different phone number and eventually got a customer service agent. God love her, but she got the wrath of my tongue and threats lawyer, going public with scam and much more. I too was debited £151 in January and a further £53 this month. I came away with 2 refund assurances of £72 and £53, totalling £125 of the £204 I paid out. I logged on to my email and I had immediately received 3 emails, 2 individual ones regarding the refunds and the 3rd one cancelling all further payment debits and shipments. I’ve since phoned my back too to put a block on the company name Healthy-Planet-Sho. I hope this helps….

  70. It’s a scam- we don’t have ‘nsw shark tank’ in aus we have Australian shark tank. Those are not our sharks in the photo – have contacted show to let them know.

  71. I almost got scammed by this. Good thing my bank send an OTP before proceeding the purchase. In the ad, it says buy 3 take 2 at a price of $29.60 plus $1.95 shipping fee. When the bank send me a message for the OTP it was a total of $199.99.

  72. I have also fallen for this. I ordered keto at £22 and when I checked my account half hour later they had taken out £151.00. I contacted them immediately an cancelled an also threatening to take it further. They promised to refund me with 3-5 working days which did no happen. I contacted them again for them to tell me it can take 14- 17 working days to me now replying if I don’t get my refund I will take legal advice an take it further. How do they get away with this? Unbelievable service. There s no say of there being a £151 charge anywhere other that the £22 they said it would cost

  73. Thieves.I also confirmed 29usd and they stole 199usd from my account. Tried to cancel immediately but got a reply that they will respond later only to learn the following day that they have posted 5 bottles.Instagram please protect us from these scam.

  74. Stupidly ordered this for $29USD (which should be around $40AUD). Horrified to receive email straight after charging me $199USD! Contacted them to cancel to which the response stated it had already been processed. Contacted my bank and they confirmed amount of $282AUD had been taken. I was furious. Bank advised me to cancel card immediately as these companies usually keep taking more money. Sent several emails demanding a cancellation & refund. Got replies basically saying they cannot cancel orders. How ridiculous! I rang an Aus toll free number and spoke to someone who told me that it was already packed to go and as their ordering system is automated, it cannot be cancelled. Anyway I received an email soon after that confirmed my package has been dispatched. I have just checked my emails again tonight and I have received a reply from some sort of supervisor advising me my complaint had been escalated to him and they confirmed my order has been cancelled and they are refunding me $199USD which they said will be done within 3-5 days. I will be checking my account and hope this is done. Be persistent with these scammers!

  75. I To was scammed I took the product and had quiet a bad reaction to this product Imy skin was itching and very in flamed my tongue also swelled a little .
    I suppose you shouldn’t order what you don’t know and it as learnt me a massive lesson

  76. i suggest anyone who has given their card details to cancel their card immediately because they will continue to take money out and send you bottles!!

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