How to Lose Chubby Cheeks – How to Get Rid of Face Fat

If your cheeks are on the chubby side and you feel your face is getting fatter – here are a few tips and tricks.

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How to Lose Chubby Cheeks

Chubby cheeks may look cute on a baby but it’s not a facial feature most adults want to see when they look in the mirror.

However, a fuller face generally goes with a fuller figure. There’s a reason for that. It’s because they both share the same root cause—bad diet. 

If you always select healthy food options, don’t kid yourself. Even the best diets or a diet that contains only nutritious foods can still be bad if you overdo it with the portion sizes.

“Calories” are the unit we use for measuring how much energy we put into our bodies and how much we expend during the day.

If you’re seeing chubby cheeks in the mirror, you’ve been overdoing it with your food.

If you want to lose your chubby cheeks, you will need to make the necessary changes and reduce the amount of calories you get each day.

The average man should be able to lose around one pound of fat each week by reducing his energy intake to 2,000 calories per day.

This is 500 calories less than the average man needs to support his normal (at rest) energy requirements.

CICO - Food Selection

Women don’t need as many calories as men do each day.

To attain a fat loss of one pound per week the average woman will need to consume no more than 1,500 calories per day.

Restricting your diet like this is a good way to burn fat but you can’t control the location where the fat will start to go.

However, sooner or later, a good low-calorie diet will begin reducing those chubby cheeks. 

Some people will suggest you get rid of your face fat by doing face exercises. Such exercises may improve facial muscle tone but there is no proof they will burn facial fat.

A Chubby Cheeks Fat-Loss Action Plan

Although there is no evidence to suggest targeted facial fat burning is possible, there are certain things you can do to increase your overall fat-burning success.

Let’s be honest about it, if you’ve got chubby cheeks, you’ve probably got a few other chubby areas too. Why let your cheeks bother you the most?

The best thing to do is concentrate on overall fat-loss and be confident in the fact your cheeks will become less chubby in their own time.

Step 1: Be Aware How Much You Eat

It’s going to be very hard to successfully begin burning fat unless you keep track of how many calories you are consuming each day.

Using a food diary or a good calorie-tracking app is a good way to be sure you are eating for fat-loss instead of fat-gain.

Of course, neither method will work unless you accurately log the amount of calories you are eating.

The only way to become aware is to look at food labels and see how many calories a portion provides.

When you are using fresh produce (always preferable) an online food calculator can provide a good insight into how many calories different foods contain.

Try to stick to three healthy meals a day, track the calories, and avoid the temptation to snack.

Step 2: Exercise to Start Burning More Fat-Loss

Taking charge of your diet will get you burning fat, so its a good first step towards losing those fat, chubby cheeks. But why stop there?

Woman on exercise bike

Exercise can help you burn more calories still and each calorie burned helps move you towards the thinner face you crave.

How you burn extra calories through exercise is up to you. The choices are probably only limited by your imagination. However, cardiovascular exercise will always top weight training for fat loss.

High-intensity pursuits that make sweat are best. Try jogging or aerobics. Alternatively, go for a fuller body workout with a rowing machine or get those legs moving fast on a bike. 

Step 3: Pass the Salt

Although it’s highly likely fat will be the culprit causing your chubby cheeks, it may not be working alone. It could be being aided and abetted by salt.

Salt encourages water retention and it’s not a problem that only hits old women’s ankles. Your face can retain water too. When it does, it causes puffiness.

So, while you are concentrating on ridding yourself of face fat make sure your salt intake is not holding you back.

Some foods contain more salt than you may expect so, again, it’s good to examine the food labels.

Step 4: Get Enough Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, lack of sleep could be contributing to the chubbiness of your cheeks.

Lack of sleep is undesirable for many reasons. One of the things sleep deprivation does is cause your body to produce extra cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases appetite and decreases metabolism. When you are trying to burn fat, that particular combination is a disaster. It can cause you to put more calories into your body and burn less.

If you have a hectic lifestyle, be good to yourself and make more time for sleep.

If you have difficulties sleeping, you may want to look at your caffeine intake. Consuming caffeine, within five hours of going to bed can interfere with sleep.

Step 5: Drink More Water

This might surprise you but research suggests maintaining adequate levels of hydration may support your fat-burning efforts.

Woman drinking soda

Researchers believe this might be because the hydrating cell volume increases metabolism.

The other way water can help with fat loss is by suppressing appetite. Drinking a couple of glasses before meals is a good way to take the edge off your appetite and feel satisfied with smaller portion sizes.

How to Lose Chubby Cheeks – Final Thoughts

Although there are no proven ways to directly target the fat behind chubby cheeks, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you get rid of your face fat as fast as possible.

It’s not rocket science, the things that work for body fat will work for torching your face fat too.

If you have long hair consider allowing it to hang to the side of your face instead of tying it back.

Doing so may help hide your chubby cheeks while your other efforts do the important work.