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Skinny Coffee Club




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  • Great looking brand
  • Easy to use
  • Contains green tea


  • Independent review not great
  • Unclear ingredient / formula profiles
  • Some products not good value
  • No guarantee

Skinny Coffee Club Review

Skinny Coffee Club weight loss coffee hit the news in 2017 when it became available to buy from Holland & Barrett stores in the UK.

At the time, UK tabloid, the Daily Mail enlisted the services of London-based nutritionist Rob Hobson and requested he evaluate the product and provide his expert opinion of Skinny Coffee Club coffee. He said it was a gimmick that would not work.

Skinny Coffee Club customer reviews left via the Holland & Barrett website have done little to prove him wrong.

Many customers complain the coffee tastes awful. Although the positive reviews often praise the taste and say the coffee is good for providing energy, there is very little mention of anyone losing weight.

Skinny Coffee Club has expanded its range since then. It now includes a decaf version for use at night and a chocolate mocha weight loss program. Customers can buy these two together as part of the Skinny Coffee Club Chocolate Mocha Day & Night Weight Loss Program.

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More recently, the company has combined its original weight loss coffee with the night-time decaf coffee and a 7-day Expresso “intensive program”. They call this trio the Ultimate Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle.

According to Skinny Coffee Club, using this bundle will give you the greatest competitive edge in your weight loss transformation, ensuring your journey is “fast and fabulous”.

Skinny Coffee club reviews

Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle Benefits

According to Skinny Coffee Club, the Weight Loss Bundle is the #1 last minute weight loss solution. The company also promises “amazing results within just seven days”.

The other promised benefits are:

  • Clinically proven to aid your metabolism
  • Clinically proven to help reduce weight
  • Clinically proven to reduce fatigue
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Curbs your cravings
  • Feel the difference in just one mug
  • The holy grail of weight loss solutions
  • Intensive program with lasting results

Although the company claims the product is clinically proven to aid the metabolism, it does not provide any evidence. Nor does it provide any proof to back up the other two claims made about “clinically proven” abilities. It’s all hot air.

What Is the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle and How Does It Work? 

Apparently, using the Skinny Coffee Day & Night Program will boost your energy levels and enhance your fat burning. Better still, it will leave you feeling amazing while your dieting.

Meanwhile, the Night Program will get to work while you are sleeping by providing antioxidants to provide an overnight detox.

As for the Expresso 7 Day Intensive Weight Loss Program, there are no hard and fast rules. You can opt to use it during the first week of your diet to provide hunger control. Alternatively, you can save it for when your weight loss begins to slow down or to boost your results during the final week.

Should your weight loss really be slowing down with a program that only lasts for four weeks? That’s hardly an endorsement of the coffee’s abilities.

Here’s another interesting thing: customers who buy the Expresso 7 Day Intensive Weight Loss Program as a standalone option are promised the exact same benefits as they would get by paying more and buying the bundle.

The other big problems here is, Skinny Coffee Club is only making claims about what the product will do. They are not explaining how any of this will be achieved of the way the ingredients contribute to the promised effects.

Skinny Coffee Club pros and cons

Key Ingredients

In keeping with the general lack of information about the products on an individual level and combined, Skinny Coffee Club fails to provide a full ingredient profile. Nor are any inclusion rates available.

  • Ground Coffee
  • Ground Green Coffee Bean
  • Green Tea Extract Powder
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Siberian Ginseng Powder
  • Spirulina Powder
  • Decaffeinated Ground Coffee
  • Spirulina
  • Fennel
  • Chlorella.

So, what’s in the Expresso 7 Day Intensive Weight Loss Program? There is no way of knowing.

The Skinny Coffee Club website makes it very difficult to find out what is in any of the products. Instead of providing this important information on the product pages, it’s only revealed on the FAQs page.

In the case of the original formula and the night-time coffee, Skinny Coffee Club state the formulation “includes” the ingredients they specify. That suggests there may be other unspecified ingredients as well and that’s not good.

However, the FAQs page does not provide any information about the Expresso 7 Day formulation. It lists some ingredients for three other expresso blends though:

  1. Expresso Rise & Grind Blend
  2. Expresso Supresso Blend
  3. Expresso Sleeping Brew-ty Blend

The most amazing thing about this is, none of the aforementioned expresso blends are available to buy from the site. Not individually and not packaged with anything else.

Blend Potential

This is a tough call. How can anyone be expected to work out what any of the products may do without accurate ingredient information? Let’s give it a shot anyway.


Original Skinny Coffee Club Coffee

Presuming the ground coffee is the normal type, any caffeine it provides should help provide extra energy. Caffeine is also a proven fat burner. [SOURCE]

Green coffee beans provide chlorogenic acid. The chemical has a good reputation as a fat burner. Additionally, it also has the ability to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. By doing this, it can prevent the blood sugar fluctuations that may trigger cravings for high-calorie food.

When it comes to weight loss coffee, green coffee bean is usually what it’s all about. Green coffee bean extract is often used as a standalone ingredient in diet pills and weight loss beverages.

However, it’s being diluted here with an unknown amount of ingredients and the inclusion rate is not specified.

Green tea is a proven fat burner. In fact, it’s one of the best natural fat burners you can get. Most diet pills contain a quantity of green tea. [SOURCE]

Green Tea Fat Burning

Garcinia cambogia provides hydroxycitric acid. It suppresses hunger. On top of this, it can also prevent fresh fat cells from forming.

Like all ginseng, Siberian ginseng can provide a multitude of health benefits and is often praised as an aphrodisiac.

Spirulina is a species of algae that’s considered by many to be a superfood. It’s been linked to numerous health benefits and is sometimes credited with energy boosting capabilities. [SOURCE]

Let’s not go forgetting something very important here. Although some of the ingredients, like green tea and green coffee bean extract, are good, the inclusion rates are not known. The coffee blend may not contain enough to offer any benefits at all.

Skinny Coffee Club Night Edition

The decaffeinated coffee is obviously only there to add flavor. A coffee product has to offer some coffee. A cup of this will also offer a second dose of spirulina along with some chlorella and fennel.

Like spirulina, chlorella is an algae that has a high nutritional value. Both are sources of Vitamin B12, which is added to energy drinks because it aids the metabolism of food.

The interesting thing is the night-time coffee is intended to provide a detox. Ironically, both spirulina and chlorella are potential sources of toxins. [SOURCE]

However, when provided by reputable suppliers, spirulina and chlorella do have detox capabilities.

Fennel is a good source of antioxidants. It’s also reputed to be good for detoxifying the body. Unfortunately, there is a lack of evidence to support this claim.

Are you are wondering why the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle includes a night-time detox coffee? Its addition is actually not as crazy as it sounds.

The body picks up and stores toxins over time. Many of these toxins come from food and even the atmosphere around us. When they build-up these toxins can cause the metabolism to slow down. This creates a situation where the body is more prone to store fat than to burn it.

Lots of weight loss programs involve a detox. The idea is nothing new. Nor is it without value. However, whether or not the Skinny Coffee Club Night Edition is capable of providing a good detox is anybody’s guess.

Expresso 7 Day Intensive Weight Loss Program

It’s unbelievable that Skinny Coffee Club is pushing a product without saying what it contains, but that’s how it is. Presumably, the main ingredient is coffee of some type.

It’s meant to be a hunger quelling brew, so there must be one or more appetite suppressing ingredients thrown in. What those ingredients are and what value they have is a secret the Skinny Coffee Club team were not sharing at the time of this review.

Usage Instructions

So, how do you use the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle? The sales page on the Skinny Coffee Club website fails to explain.

The sales page for the original weight loss coffee does not provide any information either. Obviously, you will need to mix it with hot water, but the big question is: how many cups will you need to drink each day?

Presumably, the Skinny Coffee Club Night Edition will need to be consumed shortly before going to sleep. Again, no instructions are provided.

However, the sales page for the Expresso 7 Day Intensive Weight Loss Program is a little more informative. It states you have to drink three Expresso shots per day.

Good reviews Skinny Coffee Club

Skinny Coffee Club Customer Feedback

There is no customer feedback for the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle. The Skinny Coffee Club website provides a lot of customer reviews, but none of them are attributed to any particular product.

Strangely, all the reviews are incredibly good. The customer reviews over at Holland & Barrett? Not so good.

At the time of this review, Holland and Barrett were only selling the original product and the night-time coffee. Some customers complain both coffees taste awful. Others praise the flavour and appear to see it more as a beverage than a weight loss solution.

Skinny Coffee Club negatives

Although a number of customers complain the two coffees do not work. There are only a few who say they do. Most of the five-star reviewers seem more concerned with the flavor than anything else.

In the case of the original version, some customers state it’s good for providing energy too. Any brand of coffee can do that. It’s just the caffeine doing its job. Drinking Skinny Coffee Club Coffee is an expensive way to get a caffeine buzz.

A few sample reviews read:

“Great coffee. Provides lots of energy and makes you feel fresher. Good substitute for your normal coffee.”

“The taste takes some getting used to but it’s drinkable. Used it for a week with a strict calorie controlled diet. I lost 5 lbs. I’m off on my hols next week. I’m curious to see if it helps me without the diet. “

“Does nothing. You’re forking out for expensive and rubbish tasting coffee that tastes like dirt. Don’t waste your money.”

Side Effects and Health Issues

There is no way to be certain exactly what ingredients the three products contain, so we suggest not using the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle without first getting professional medical advice.

Purchasing Options and Considerations

Although some Skinny Coffee Club products are available to buy from Holland & Barrett, the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle is not. At the time of this review, it appeared to be only available via the manufacturer’s website.

As far as the price goes, it’s so expensive it may bring tears to your eyes. The cost of a 28-day bundle is almost double what you would pay for any of the leading diet pill brands.

Skinny Coffee Club also offers 8-week, 12-week, and 6-month bundles. Buy any of those and you are looking at a three-figure sum. If they sold this stuff in coffee shops, the price would scare all the customers away.


None of the Skinny Coffee Club products have a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Will the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle work? It might. Then again it might not. Customer reviews suggest a minority of people have lost weight by drinking the original version. However, it’s questionable if the results were due to drinking the coffee or due to diet and exercise.

The value of the bundle is questionable to say the least and there is not a lot of information on offer. Nor is there a money back guarantee.

The idea of drinking coffee and losing weight is enticing. Many people would prefer to sip their excess poundage away instead of swallowing diet pills and going to the gym. However, if you are serious about losing weight, the Skinny Coffee Weight Loss Bundle does not seem like a particularly smart way to go.

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