Instant Knockout Review – Fat Burner for Cutting and Muscle Definition

Instant Knockout is a fistful of red fat burning pills, packed with a formula designed to help you lose fat.

It is an excellent for muscle definition. If you have packed on the muscle and need to sculpt, this is the fat burner/cutter for you!

Proven fat loss ingredients
Strong dosages
Very good testimonials, reviews and endorsements
Great looking brand
Long guarantee period
Green coffee dosage could be higher
Single bottle purchases can be expensive (less so when ordered in bulk)
Without a doubt, Instant Knockout’s formula beats the best selling fat burners and diet pills on the most popular supplement websites, hands down. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

IKO gets my vote because of two simple reasons; it:

  1. includes ingredients that are scientifically proven to work
  2. contains those ingredients at effective dosages

These days, it’s difficult to find a fat burning supplement that works well. That’s mostly because the companies with the loudest marketing campaigns tend to make the weakest products.

And the loudest marketing usually gets the most visibility.

Without a doubt, Instant Knockout’s formula beats the best selling fat burners and diet pills on the most popular supplement websites, hands down.

It has some professional and well respected athletes who endorse it, including pro MMA fighter Diego Sanchez and the #1 MMA coach in the world, Greg Jackson.

Why the fist bottle, why the fighters, and why “Instant Knockout”?

It’s all inspired by the well known competition preparation phase all fighters have to endure in order to make weight.

These guys spend their off-season building muscle mass and training their asses off. Pre-comp, they have to cut some weight quickly to qualify in their class on weigh-in day.

The same can be said for any athlete who competes in similar weight classes or bodybuilders who need to look shredded on stage.

It’s all about cutting fat while retaining as much hard-earned muscle mass as possible.

That’s where an effective fat burner / weight management supplement is invaluable.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about this product and answer various FAQs you might have, like:

  • Who should use IKO?
  • Does Instant Knockout have any negative side effects?
  • How can I get the most out of this product?
  • Can women use IKO? (it’s a YES, by the way)

…and so on

First off, let’s discuss why you might use a product like Instant Knockout.

Muscle definition with Instant Knockout
Keep muscle and burn fat

Instant Knockout – Why Would You Use It?

IKO is a safe and effective product, which can help you reduce your calorie intake AND burn a few hundred more per day.

Do you want to lose weight, but you’re wondering whether fat burners and diet pills are all the same old rubbish?

You wouldn’t be alone if you thought that. Most products in the weight loss category are terrible.

Either they contain useless ingredients, or useless dosages.

Or both.

Real review of Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout fat burner

The truth is, there aren’t many ingredients that can make a significant impact on your waistline.

Furthermore, there are none that can have the effect of a well thought out combination of dieting and exercise.

Simply eating less food in terms of calories per day, compared with those that you burn, places you in what’s called a calorie deficit. That’s how you lose weight.

You can be quite aggressive with a calorie deficit too. For example, you can eat 25% less calories than you burn, and you can still maintain muscle mass if you consume enough protein.

Add exercise to the mix and you have the recipe for success.

However, it’s not always that easy. Resisting cravings can be tough, especially if you’re an active person.

The addition of a well designed fat loss supplement CAN help:

  1. Instant Knockout contains appetite suppressants to help you both physically and mentally stave off the hunger pangs.
  2. The formula also contains thermogenic ingredients which increase the rate at which fat is burned.
  3. Energy boosting inclusions are in the blend. These are must-have elements when you’re in calorie deficit.

So, yes, diet and training (and adequate sleep) make the biggest impact overall, but despite what many people think, these little pills make a critical difference.

The pros don’t use them for nothing.

Instant Knockout – How Does It Work?

There are 3 main mechanisms by which Instant Knockout works:

  1. Boosts Metabolism and Thermogenic Fat Burning
  2. Reduces Hunger Cravings – Suppresses Appetite
  3. Increases Energy Levels – Physical and Mental

In order to have all of these effects, a product must contain a lot of ingredients at powerful dosages.

The one-pill-a-day fat burners that you see on the shelves at your supplement store or the pages of an online retailer…they don’t work.

Those single-pill fat burners don’t work because there is literally not enough space in a single pill to fit the ingredients and their quantities that are required to do the job.

Usually, those types of fat burners contain nothing but stimulants and some pathetic doses of other stuff just to tease you into thinking they do something for you.

Instant Knockout, on the other hand, requires you to take 4 pills per day just to get the right quantities of the ingredients.

If that puts you off IKO, then you’d better get used to throwing money away on useless single-pill fat-burners.

Instant Knockout for women
Instant Knockout is for women

Who Should Use Instant Knockout?

IKO can be used by both men and women over the age of 18.

You should use it if you are serious about losing weight and have adjusted your diet and training according to an overall caloric deficit, or at least caloric maintenance.

  • Caloric deficit: this is when you consume less calories than you burn over the course of the day
  • Caloric maintenance: this is where your consumed calories and burned calories are equal

IKO can help you lose weigh rapidly if you are in a caloric deficit and more slowly if you are at maintenance.

Instant Knockout – What Are The Ingredients?

There are 10 ingredients in the IKO formula.

I’d say 5 of them are what I refer to as base, or platform, ingredients. These are important vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that tend to be:

  • deficient or insufficient in the general population’s diet
  • crucial for optimal fat and energy metabolism
  • necessary for general healthy functioning of the body
  • vital for active people and athletes to replenish
  • important for the absorption of other compounds

Those ingredients are as follows:

  1. Zinc
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Vitamin B6
  4. GTF Chromium
  5. Black Pepper Extract

If you don’t look after the basics, which is the case with most weight loss products, the rest of the formula is largely pointless.

So that leaves us with 5 ingredients that can be considered the more active weight loss agents.

They are:

  1. Green Tea Extract
  2. Cayenne Powder
  3. Glucomannan
  4. Caffeine Anhydrous
  5. Green Coffee Extract

Next I’ll explain a little about each one of these ingredients in the context of weight loss and any other major beneficial effects they have.

Green Tea Fat Burning

Green Tea Extract – 500mg

I’ve seen enough wishy-washy explanations of green tea’s fat burning effects to last a lifetime.

Basically most people don’t understand this ingredient.

Green Tea and its four catechin molecules – the chief being EGCG – act synergistically with its own caffeine content and any additional caffeine (note: IKO contains 300mg of caffeine anhydrous).

Caffeine increases noradrenaline levels, which in turn has a thermogenic effect – ergo, it increases fat burning rates.

Green tea extract’s components inhibit the enzyme which degrades noradrenaline and other key catecholamines (neurotransmitter hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline).

In other words, green tea keeps higher levels of noradrenaline active for longer, and thus helps burn more fat.

Additionally, green tea can interact with beta receptors to further increase thermogenesis, and therefore fat burning, through brown adipose tissue (BAT) activation.

The 500mg dose in Instant Knockout is excellent, and combined with 300mg of caffeine it’s about as strong a combo as you can get.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg

It makes sense to talk about caffeine next considering I’ve just mentioned it in the green tea section.

Instant Knockout contains 300mg, which some of you might think is a little strong, but it’s really only the quantity you’d get in a couple cups of good Italian coffee.

One key aspect with using caffeine properly for weight loss is to stop all other caffeine intake other than that which is in the supplement.

Another key factor is knowing how to cycle on and off caffeine.

If you use it every day, forever, then you are going to build a tolerance to it, no matter what. Caffeine has an insurmountable tolerance.

That means that once you have developed a tolerance from using it habitually, you cannot just increase the dose to continue getting the benefits. Simply put, you will end up overdosing before you enhance the effect.

The solution is to stop using caffeine completely for a week or two roughly every 12 weeks.

This behaviour will “reset” your caffeine tolerance levels and once you begin your cycle again, it will have an immediate and potent effect.

Should you suffer from caffeine withdrawal symptoms (which aren’t serious but can be annoying, like headaches), then you can reduce the dosage over a few days to ease your body into the week or two weeks without it.

Yes, the effects will be stronger when you use it again. Yes, you might feel buzzy, fuzzy and a little dizzy. If it’s too much for you then, again, ease yourself back into it. IKO has four pills so you can quarter or half dose it if you feel like it.

The great thing about feeling the caffein hit again is you will once again experience the actual euphoric cognitive benefits that you hadn’t felt for years because you’d grown numb to them from drinking coffee every day.

Caffeine is awesome. When used properly it is a very useful tool for weight loss, increased energy, improved focus and enhanced physical performance.

capsicum and capsimax

Cayenne Power – 100mg

Cayenne peppers are hot peppers, part of the Capsicum family.

These compounds can exert numerous health benefits when taken as a supplement. Of most interest in the context of this article is its ability to reduce body fat in people.

A recent meta-analysis covers the application of hot pepper extracts as treatments for various symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including obesity.

Activation of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), increased lipolysis and beta-adrenergic stimulation are the means by which cayenne extract can increase fat burning rates.

Brown Adipose Tissue – or brown fat – is like our internal heater. It burns white fat (the visible flabby fat) to generate heat.

Certain ingredients including cayenne, green tea and green coffee extract (all of which are in IKO) can increase the activation of brown fat in a process called thermogenesis.

They can even “brown” white fat, converting it to a more efficient state called ‘beige’ or ‘brite’ fat.

Basically, it can increase your brown fat stores and make white fat cells burn their reservoir of fatty acids more readily.

Glucomannan – 1800mg

Glucomannan is a natural fiber, extracted from the root of the Konjac plant.

It is a physical appetite suppressant.

By that I mean it absorbs water in your stomach and forms a soft gel-like mass that helps you feel as though you are fuller from food than you actually are.

It has no caloric value itself so while it suppresses cravings, it adds zero calories to your overall intake. What’s more, it helps reduce blood sugar spikes and can improve cholesterol balance.

Most diet products that contain glucomannan tend to include about 500mg.

The 1800mg dose in Instant Knockout is another reason I like it. Make sure you drink a large glass of water with each serving and you have several appetite suppressing periods throughout the day.

Reducing your serving sizes and overall food intake is the quickest way to dropping weight.

This will help you with the physical cravings that might hit you as a result of your dietary changes.

Green Coffee Extract – 100mg

Green coffee extract is useful mainly for its chlorogenic acid content.

Chlorogenic acid can block some of the glucose in your intestines from being absorbed into your bloodstream.

It’s known as a “carb-blocker”.

Green coffee can also trigger thermogenesis via beta-3 receptors. This is essentially a process where more fat is burned in the mitochondria of cells and heat is produced as a by-product.

Instant Knockout – Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary of the good and bad points I want to make about Instant Knockout.


  1. Proven fat loss ingredients
  2. Strong dosages
  3. Good synergy within the formula
  4. Sustained energy over the whole day
  5. Consistent appetite suppression
  6. Good results
  7. Worldwide Shipping (free on some orders)
  8. Free bottles of IKO with some packages


  1. The green coffee dose is a small one
  2. It’s expensive if you buy single bottles at a time (there are BOGO deals though)

For me, the pros have it.

There isn’t much to pick at with IKO. It’s a no-nonsense blend of ingredients, which have been proven to reduce body fat.

On top of the more active ingredients, the micronutrient profile is strong, and makes doubly sure that the rest of the formula will have a greater effect.

At the end of the day, it comes down to results. A product like this can remove a few hundred calories from your daily quota without you lifting a finger.

Of course your diet and exercise are the key factors but a bonus like this can really help make the difference.

Say you eat at calorie maintenance one day (you eat equal calories to those you burn), the calories Instant Knockout burn will put you into a decent deficit. Weight loss achieved.

The little differences add up over time.

Instant Knockout – Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

There are no adverse side effects associated with any of the ingredients at the dosages they are included.

My one caveat to that is for people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine, but the 300mg is not taken in one hit and so it’s worth a try in my opinion.

If nothing else, caffeine sensitivity is more likely to help the fat-burning process even more.

As with most fat burners and weight loss supplements I recommend that you begin using Instant Knockout with a half dose for the first day or two.

Approaching any new supplement in this way will help you adjust to any changes – good or bad – you feel as a result of taking it.

Instant Knockout before and after pics
Before and after pic – Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Customer Feedback

IKO is an overwhelmingly successful formula.

It’s usually not the supplement itself that grabs the initial attention of prospective customers. That’s where the marketing aspect comes in.

Instant Knockout is endorsed by professional MMA fighters and their coaches alike. Athletes use the product as a tool to help them get the results they need.

Of course, most diet pills and fat burners are more about the marketing than the benefits to the user, and that’s why they won’t be as successful as this one.

Here are some customer comments about Instant Knockout:

“I’ve tried stimulants and stim free fat burners but Instant Knockout has a combination of appetite suppression and a nice warming effect that must be the increased metabolism I guess. It’s really helped me stick to the calories and lose some flab.” – Nick, USA

“I would highly recommend Instant Knockout to anybody struggling to stick to a plan, as much as discipline is important a well engineered supplement makes a world of difference.” – Dan, UK

“Instant Knockout exceeded my expectations and it is the first supplement I recommend to people looking for weight-loss results.” – Chelsea, USA

I could go put more and more, but you get the point. It isn’t difficult to find positive reviews of IKO, put it that way.

Do You Recommend Instant Knockout?

I do. It’s the cutting/weight loss supplement that provides results and helps with hunger levels every time you use it for a cycle.

There aren’t many fat burners or diet pills that even come close. The ones that do require a prescription and can give you unwanted side effects.

I recommend taking it for a 12 week cycle and then having a 2 week break before you do another one.

It’s perfect for an intense 3 to 6 month weight loss target.

Click here to visit the official product page and view special offers

Instant Knockout FAQ

  • Can Women use Instant Knockout – Yes. Both men and women can use IKO
  • Do they autobill every month? – No. You will only be charged for the purchases you want
  • Can it be stacked with a pre-workout? – Yes, but I’d go with a stim-free pre-workout
  • How do I get the best results from IKO? – Incorporate it in a diet and exercise plan for best results. It will help you burn a few hundred more calories a day but it cannot combat a massive caloric surplus full of junk food.
  • Can I use it in the evening? – I would not use it within 5 hours of bedtime, otherwise the caffeine might keep you awake.


I don’t recommend many fat burners because most of them are all hype and no results.

Fancy-sounding, un-tested, unknown ingredients might seem interesting at first, but they are a total gamble, and more often than not, a losing bet.

Having researched this industry for many years to this point, I’ve come to realize that when I find a solid weight loss product, it’s best to put the word out there and try and replace the garbage people are buying with quality like Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout – Where To Buy – Shipping and Guarantee

The product can only be purchased from the official website. It can be shipped to almost any country.

It ships from either their US or UK facility, depending on where you live in the world and what route will arrive in your mailbox quicker.

Real review of Instant Knockout
Where to buy Instant Knockout

Different packages of IKO come with special offers, such as free worldwide shipping, or free bottles of the fat burner itself.

There is even a 90 day guarantee which allows you to try the product and still return it if you aren’t happy with it.

The “Ultimate Stack” is the most economical package and includes:

  • 3 fist bottles of IKO (120 capsules each)
  • PLUS a Free 4th bottle (120 capsules)
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The official website accepts PayPal, Amazon Pay and all major credit cards.

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