MHP Vasculore Review – Tasty Pre Workout Pump Formula

MHP Vasculore




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  • Pumps are Unreal
  • Great addition to a stim pre
  • Tastes really nice
  • Good price point


  • Good be a bit more dosed (but then the cost would go up)
  • Advanced users will need 2 scoops
  • Need to have another pre for best results

MHP Vasculore Review

Maximum Human Performance – MHP, have always pushed the boundaries of bodybuilding supplement science and innovation.

Spend any time reading my articles and you’ll begin to realize I’m a fan of companies that put cutting edge ingredients in their products (so long as they also put them on the label).

Why? Because I straight-up hate the nanny state ethos dictating what we can and can’t ingest, as massive pharmaceutical companies slap a patent on much more dangerous substances, call them medication, spoon feed us BS while the government taxes the crap out of the people hooked on them.

Point being: bodybuilding supplements and the people using them are the right market for these products. Cutting edge research for people who live on the cutting edge.

That brings me to Vasculore, MHP’s answer to the increasing demand for non-stim muscle pump products.

This type of pre-workout powder can be used as a standalone drink to be consumed before you start lifting, or, it can be combined with another pre (even one containing stims) to offer an augmented hyperemic effect.

Again, if you’ve read my work, then you know I chase the pump like a madman. It isn’t just to feel solid and look good in the gym either. There’s real long term benefits to getting swole AF in the weights room every day. Check it out.

MHP Vasculore Review

Benefits of MHP Vasculore and Getting Swole

There are many terms associated with the muscle pump:

  • Vascularization
  • Hyperaemia / Hyperemia and Hyperemic training (trapping blood in tissue)
  • Vasodilation
  • Nitric Oxide boosting
  • Muscle Cell Volumization

Ultimately, it’s about getting more blood to the muscles, bringing more oxygen and nutrients with it, and trapping it there. The best muscle pumps make you feel like your about to burst at the skin because your muscles have filled so well.

The short term effect fades after your workout but each time you pump your muscles full like this, you are triggering the chemical cascade of anabolic reactions.

Stretching your muscles’ cells literally stimulates muscle growth. Do it regularly enough and the little increments add up.

Nitric Oxide (NO) boosting and the resultant vasodilation also has a performance enhancing effect for your training. Getting more oxygen – along with micronutrients – to your muscles increases their force and power output.

TLDR: Muscle pumps are awesome and when you trigger them consistently, they will help you get permanently jacked.

MHP Vasculore is wholly designed to have this effect. Not only that, but it contains a direct source of energy for the muscles to draw on when the formula rushes through your dilated blood vessels.

Ingredients - What’s In MHP Vasculore?

Ingredients – What’s In MHP Vasculore?

The formula is mostly open label, with the only exception being the trademarked Spectra inclusion which is a 50mg blend of many natural blood flow promoters.

The rest of the ingredients have their inclusion rates on the label.

Here’s the 4 ingredients that put it in the dietary supplement category:

  • 30 mg – Vitamin C
  • 167 mcg – Folate
  • 65 mg – Sodium
  • 25 mg – Potassium

The business end of MHP Vasculore comes as two groupings.

  1. Legendary Muscle Pump Complex
  2. Elite Muscle Performance & Hydration Blend

Legendary Muscle Pump Complex – 1825 mg

  • 1500 mg – L-Citrulline
  • 125 mg – Arginine AAB (Alpha Amino Butyrate)
  • 100 mg – L-Norvaline
  • 50 mg – Pomegranate Fruit Extract
  • 50 mg – Spectra™

Elite Muscle Performance & Hydration Blend – 167.5 mg

  • 75 mg – elevATP
  • 65 mg – Sodium
  • 25 mg – Potassium
  • 2.5 mg – BioPerine

Flavours come in Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. I ran a tub of the blue raz and it was tasty too.

So, what about that formula?

On paper, it isn’t overly impressive. When I first saw the recipe I was intrigued but not blown away. What made me want to dig into it was all the stellar reviews from people on third party websites.

It can be taken in doses of 1 scoop or 2 scoops. I would suggest you take the single scoop to begin with.

I think that MHP intended it to be an accessory pump formula to your regular pre-workout supplement when taken at the 1 scoop dose.

Two scoops brings those ingredient inclusion rates more in line with what can be considered a standalone pump product.

Initial appearances can be deceiving because this gave me a very solid pump. I tried different variations, such as:

  1. Taking it as a standalone as 2 scoops
  2. Adding 1 scoop to a pre-workout containing stimulants (tried with both Dymatize PreWO and Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre)
  3. Taking 2 scoops with me to the gym and drinking some just before and some during workout

All the above worked out pretty well, but the best had to be adding 1 scoop to another pre-workout PLUS taking 1 scoop to the gym to sip on.

The pump extended through my workout and if I’m honest it was so solid I would have had trouble turning to scratch my arse.

That’s what you want from a NO booster – to feel like swollen granite.

What’s The Verdict – Does MHP Vasculore Work?

Yep. Get it. Get some. Use it.

Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of trying products out for yourself. Some, I will admit, turn out to be the wet farts that they appear to be from the label.

Not Vasculore though. It’s likely to be the Norvaline – Spectra – Citrulline – Arginine AAB combo that’s doing the heavy work.

Yes I tried it on its own at the 2 scoop dose, and it provided a good pump, but this will really shine as an addition to a stimulant-based pre-workout.

Well done MHP.

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