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Andro400 Review

Andro400 is a testosterone boosting supplement made in the USA by Natural Health Concepts. It’s powered by a single herbal ingredient and the three main promised benefits are:

  • Melts belly fat
  • Provides energy
  • Increases the sex drive

Testosterone is an important hormone and anabolic steroid that can do these things and many more.

The truth of the matter is most men and women over the age of 30 already have less circulating testosterone than they did during puberty. Worse still testosterone levels continue to deplete with every passing year.

This can be especially frustrating for bodybuilders because it hinders their growth. Low testosterone can also have a negative on the sex drive, rob the body of vitality, and make it more prone to weight gain.

There’s a lot to be said for boosting testosterone levels and, contrary to popular belief, women need testosterone too. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2]

Editors Tip: Testosterone boosting supplements are used for two main reasons.

  1. To increase low testosterone levels due to ageing
  2. Bodybuilding supplements to build muscle

We have written a definitive guide to boosting testosterone and listed the best foods to eat, what to avoid doing and the best supplements to use. Click here to read

Andro400 E Longifolia

Andro400 Marketing Claims

Natural Health Concepts has built a multi-page website that details just about every claim ever made for testosterone, no matter how flimsy the evidence to support it.

Some of the marketing material seems to be almost purposely designed to cause worry and distress.

In fact, a few of the statements made on the Andro400 website could be seen as scaremongering:

  • Low T Increases the risk of deadly heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy (significantly lowers testosterone) are three times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease
  • The leading cause of death in postmenopausal women is cardiovascular disease (postmenopausal women have the lowest testosterone)

These claims and many more have research to support them, but the research is being bent around the picture the company is trying to paint.

For instance, even if statistics do show cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in post-menopausal women, it does not mean they died due to lack of testosterone. Though this kind of statement could raise such fears.

Testosterone in men and women

If postmenopausal women have the lowest testosterone, so what. That’s just a coincidence. Testosterone is unlikely to have anything to do with it.

The female menopause generally occurs between the ages of 40 to 50. Post-menopause is all the years after it occurs. If a woman dies aged 120-years old she dies during her post-menopause years. [SOURCE]

Being realistic about it, does it not seem more likely that death will occur post-menopause than pre-menopause?

What Is Andro400?

Andro400 is a pill-type supplement intended to be used once per day, for life, to boost testosterone and revitalize the body.

Although many similar products are aimed at bodybuilders, Andro400 is not. Natural Health Concepts is shooting for a much wider user group—everyone but the very young, who have no need for such products.

The company also markets another product called Andro400 Max. It contains a higher dose of the active ingredient used in Andro400 (Eurycoma Longifolia) and combines it with other compounds.

Andro400 is for people who are younger than 40-years of age. Andro400 Max is for people who are aged 40+.

Key Ingredients

Two capsules per day provide 600 mg of Eurycoma Longifolia root extract (100:1).

Eurycoma Longifolia and testosterone boosting

Blend Potential

Eurycoma Longifolia (longjack) is a plant that’s native to Borneo and certain other Indochina countries. It has a longstanding reputation as an aphrodisiac and some men consume longjack tea as a sexual tonic.

Although it is occasionally used as a performance enhancer in sports supplements, it’s not one of the more popular ingredients.

Furthermore, despite its reputation as a libido booster and possible treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) use of this ingredient appears to be on the decline.

The top testosterone boosting supplements tend to use other ingredients in place of this one. That’s a fact that probably says a lot about its true value in products of this nature.

As far as the research goes, there’s also a lack of evidence to support its use.

When the ingredient is used as a male virility booster, the normal dose is only 200 mg per day. For boosting sexual desire, a slightly higher dose, of 300 mg per day, is more common.

Andro400 provides nearly double that amount and more is not always better. Especially not when dealing with under-researched herbs.

It’s also worth noting the fact that, when used for both these purposes, the usage period is only three to nine months. [SOURCE]

Usage Instructions

Natural Health Concepts suggests a dose of two capsules per day, taken in a single sitting.

Customer Feedback

The Andro400 website showcases a number of reviews and attributes them to product users. All of them are good, but the site exists to encourage sales. It cannot be seen as being unbiased.

Unfortunately, there is no longer any feedback available via more trustworthy sources.

Side Effects and Other Health Considerations

The good news is, side effect don’t appear to be an issue. However, the formulation is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

As with any other supplement, potential users who have existing health problems should discuss their intentions with a doctor and get their approval before using Andro400.

Anyone who would need to take the product alongside medication will need to show a similar degree of caution.

Where to Buy Andro400

Although Natural Health Concepts used to market the product extensively via Walmart, GNC, and through a number of other channels this is no longer the case. It appears to be trying to keep everything in-house as much as possible these days.

When we checked GNC for the purposes of this review, the sales page, along with all customer feedback, had been removed. The Walmart sales page was still up, but the product was out of stock.

There could be many reasons for the change in marketing practice. Keeping things in-house can help keep things simple for businesses. Presuming they have sufficient storage space, that is.

However, some companies avoid selling via third-party sites because such sites often have a customer feedback system the company has no control over. If people start saying its products are no good there is nothing the company can do other than pull the product and wait for the page to be removed.

Whatever the reason behind the move, the Natural Health Concepts website appears to be the only place to go.

Each bottle provides a 30-day supply of pills. Customers who wish to make a one-off purchase can do so for $34.95 (price correct at the time of this review).

The company also offers a few bulk buy discount packages. The biggest savings go to customers who buy a year’s supply of pills for $259.

There is also a monthly autoship option available. That entails a modest discount too, but buying via auto-ship is generally more trouble than it’s worth.


Natural Health Concepts offers a “rock-solid” 90-day money back guarantee. The company appears to be keen that people evaluate the product for 60 days before discounting its abilities, but the terms and conditions page on the Andro400 does not say there is any obligation to do so.

The Andro400 money back guarantee actually seems pretty good. However, all refunds are less postage costs and handling charges. Natural Health Concepts fails to disclose the cost of this charge. If it turns out to be overly high, customers may be left feeling limp when they see how little money they get back.


As with many manufacturers in the supplement industry, Natural Health Concepts makes some very big promises for this product. That’s nothing new. However, the use of scare tactics is unusual. It’s not nice and it fails to impress.

The value of the main ingredient used in the product is also disputable. Certainly, it has a reputation as a testosterone booster, but there’s a need for a lot more study.

The lack of customer reviews is also an issue. Taking a look at some unbiased customer feedback could have been an enlightening experience.

Unfortunately, the reviews are gone along with the sales pages they were posted on. This makes it hard not to wonder about the real reason the company decided to pull the product out of third-party stores.

Andro400 may very well boost testosterone levels to some degree, but it’s unlikely to pack as much power as Natural Health Concept claims. Nobody’s saying it won’t work at all, but there are certainly better options available.

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