Does Lipozene Really Work for Weight Loss – Is it Safe, Customer Comments, Complaints

Lipozene is an American-made diet pill that’s marketed heavily worldwide. It’s produced by Obesity Research Institute LLC and the company claims Lipozene is the #1 diet pill in America.

Lipozene number 1 diet pill in America

Main ingredient has lots of clinical data
Some positive reviews
It has been available for several years
Money back guarantee

The validity of the main ingredient is not 100% clear
Customer feedback on Amazon is poor
Can be expensive
Other products preferred

The fact that so many customers say Lipozene does not work is a little surprising because glucomannan is such a good natural appetite suppressant. However, it’s possible the capsules contain binders and fillers that interfere with the capsule breakdown or present other problems. LOOK ELSEWHERE

Best selling diet pill! That’s an easy claim to make but, like the countless other companies making the same claim, Obesity Research Institute offers no proof to support it.

Obesity Research Institute also claims the product is clinically proven to help you lose weight.

That’s not entirely correct. The key ingredient (glucomannan) is clinically proven. Lipozene is not.

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The fact that a product contains a proven ingredient does not guarantee it will work. Some manufacturers use ingredients taken from substandard sources.

Others blend them using ineffective means or lessen their value combining them with low-grade binders and fillers.

We are not suggesting for one moment that the ingredients that make up the Lipozene formula are not taken from legitimate sources.

The other advertised benefits are:

  • Lose weight without changing your lifestyle
  • Still eat your favorite foods
  • No change in exercise is required

In addition to all of this, Obesity Research Institute claims to have sold over 30 million bottles of Lipozene. It has been around for a long time – it is one of the diet pills with longest history in the market place.

Lipozene with Konjac root in the packet

What Is Lipozene and How Does It Work?

Lipozene is an appetite suppressant. It’s intended to be used for controlling hunger. That’s all it does.

Diet pills that suppress the appetite help people to eat less food by taking away the hunger pangs that make it so hard to stick to a calorie-restricted diet. The truth of the matter is, any weight lost is due to the calorie controlled diet.

The diet causes the body to experience and energy shortage. The body then has to begin burning its fat for energy because it’s not getting enough from food. Appetite suppressants support this process by making it easier to “be good” and continue eating less food.

The thing to remember is the food that is eaten must be low in calories. It’s not only about eating less in general it’s about making healthy food choices as well.

Don’t believe the Lipozene marketing hype. No diet pill in the world is going to allow you to lose weight without changing what you eat. Unless you are already a salad junkie that is. However, dedicated salad junkies are unlikely to gain weight in the first place.

Lipozene number 1 diet pill in America

Manufacturer Credibility

Obesity Research Institute has been in the diet pill game for a long time, but it isn’t a major player.

However, the company must generate a good income. In 2005, the FDA made a ruling that required Obesity Research Institute pay USD $ 1.5 million in “consumer redress” because of the false marketing claims it was making for an earlier product. It was a glucomannan supplement too.

The company is still going strong. Such a huge financial did not break its back, so although it’s not a major player it must be a well-paid one.

The FDA also barred the company from making false claims for dietary products in the future. [SOURCE]

Lipozene is a later product and, although there have been no more run-ins with the FDA as yet, a lot of customers have axes to grind.

Some of the complaints people are making online simply state the product does not work. Other complaints are about billing and shipping issues and the alleged use of an autoship program. [SOURCE]

Konjac root - glucomannan

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each two-capsule dose provides 1.5 g of Amorphophallus konjac. More commonly called glucomannan, it’s a high-fiber ingredient taken from the roots of the konjac plant.

Glucomannan can absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water. That’s an incredible amount and the hydrated glucomannan fibers expand to form a gelatinous mass that fills up the stomach.

There is a wealth of research that proves taking glucomannan and water before meals is a good way to control portion size and reduce hunger cravings. The normal dose is 1 gram with one to two glasses of water before the three largest meals of the day.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has evaluated all of the most important clinical trials and confirms the ingredient can reduce body weight. However, the EFSA stresses the need to use glucomannan alongside an energy-restricted diet. [SOURCE]

This is an important take-home point. If you are using a diet pill that relies exclusively on glucomannan you will need to do some calorie counting.

Obesity Research Institute claims Lipozene will allow you to lose weight while still eating your favorite foods and without changing your lifestyle. This is misleading. If your favourite foods are burgers and pizzas some big changes will be required.

Usage Instructions

Obesity Research Institute tells customers to take two capsules 30 minutes before meals, up to three times per day, with at least 8 oz of water. Then the company points out optimum results will require three doses per day.

These instructions are not sufficiently clear. If you want good results using this or any other product that relies exclusively on glucomannan, you will need to use it three times per day. Studies show this and the EFSA confirms it.

Lipozene on Amazon

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Lipozen Customer Feedback & Complaints

Although some people say the product works well, negative customer reviews are dominant. Lots of people complain of a lack of results, while others say there were billing issues and additional expenses.

A few average customer reviews read:

“I ordered a trial bottle for $29.95. Then they sent me two more 60 count bottles & charged me a total of $101.85. I called and demanded a refund but the company said no go. This is a scam!!! look out!!! beware!!!”

“This product does not work and is a waste of money. I took 6 capsules a day and used the free metabolism booster too. It got me nowhere fast.”

“Very good. It’s great for reducing food intake but it’s expensive. I found a cheaper option at my local farmacy. It provides the same level of konjac and works every bit as good.”

“Great supplement! It keeps me full for longer and i have lost some weight.”

“I took the recommended dose for a month and didn’t lose a single pound. Stay away from Lipozene because it doesn’t do what they tell you it will.”

“Just another diet pill scam. All they want is your money. The product doesn’t curb the appetite at all and they keep on sending you more. The only way to stop it is to cancel your card. It’s a massive pain in the ass.”

What are the Side Effects of Taking Lipozene

Side effects are unlikely. Lipozene is a glucomannan product. There are no other active ingredients and glucomannan is generally a well-tolerated ingredient.

However, some customers complain the capsules made them constipated. This suggests they may not have taken them with sufficient water. Failure to use enough water with glucomannan products can have this effect. It will also reduce the appetite suppressing ability.

Although the EFSA approves glucomannan as a safe weight loss aid, women who are pregnant or nursing a child should not use any form of weight loss supplement or program without prior medical approval.

Potential users who have existing medical conditions or health concerns should take this precaution as well.

Is Lipozene Dangerous?

We would not suggest that using will put you in harms way if taken as advised by the manufacturer

Where to Buy Lipozene

You can buy Lipozene directly from the official Lipozene website. Alternatively, you can purchase it via Amazon and certain other reputable suppliers including Walgreens and Walmart. Expect to pay USD $20 to USD$ 30 per bottle, depending on which supplier you choose.

Each bottle provides a 30-day treatment, but only if you take one dose per day. For good results, you will need to take three doses per day. This is a standard recommendation for glucomannan products.

However, if you take three doses per day each bottle will only last for 10 days. That makes Lipozene an expensive product to use.

The Lipozene website normally offers two bottles of Lipozene for the price of one. Obesity Research Institute often throws in a free companion product as well. It’s an attractive offer, but it may be best to avoid providing your credit card details to Obesity Research Institute and buying via the official site.

Many former customers have left complaints online that state they were unknowingly enrolled into an autoship program that entailed an ongoing expense and was difficult to stop.


Lipozene has a money back guarantee but it’s only good for 30 days. That doesn’t give anyone long to test the product and see what it can do.

Customers who wish to make a return have to make sure they contact Lipozene customer services first and obtain a return authorization number. This has to be written on the outside of the shipping box.


The fact that so many customers say Lipozene does not work is a little surprising because glucomannan is such a good natural appetite suppressant. However, it’s possible the capsules contain binders and fillers that interfere with the capsule breakdown or present other problems.

Due to the overly expensive nature of the product, it’s also possible customers are only using one dose per day to keep costs down. That would definitely reduce the potential for weight loss success.

Then again, the customers who are saying Lipozene does not work may have swallowed the claim that they can still eat all of their favorite foods. That’s a problem caused by the way the product is marketed not the ingredient.

If appetite suppression is the only help you are seeking, there are cheaper glucomannan diet pills available. Pop down to your local pharmacy and take a look. However, if you want a greater level of support that allows for faster weight loss you will be better off choosing a more versatile product.

All of the top diet pills offer this kind of support. Appetite suppression is but one of many ways diet pills can help you to lose weight.

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