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  • Can work out to be very expensive
  • Money back guarantee unclear
  • Ingredients profile is average

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Modere Burn Fat Burner Review

 Modere Burn is a fat burning supplement marketed by Modere. The company markets a few other health and wellness products as well. It also has a range of personal care products that includes soaps, skin toners, and collagen products.

As a brand, Modere seems to be okay, but it’s not a big name in the weight loss industry. Nor is there anything particularly exciting or noteworthy about any of the company’s weight management products.

Modere products do not stand out as far as we are concerned. They appear to be average products that have not attracted any attention for being particularly good or for doing anything bad.

Of course, the Modere Burn marketing material tries to make the product sound more interesting than it is. Modere allege the “patent pending” formula harnesses the powerful elements of the Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is quite popular with people who are trying to lose weight. It’s also one of the healthiest diets you could choose to go with.

The health-boosting effects of the diet are due to the types of food that are permitted. It’s not something that can be captured in a pill.

However, to be fair to Modere, the Burn formulation does contain a little olive leaf extract. It’s a flimsy connection at best, but it’s better than nothing.

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Advertised Benefits

  • Increases energy
  • Thermogenic formula
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Burns more calories
  • Maintains healthy blood sugar to reduce cravings

Modere Burn review

What Is Modere Burn and How Does It Work? 

The first thing to notice here is what the formulation does not appear to do. It’s not designed to suppress the appetite.

Controlling unwanted hunger urges is a big problem for many people who are trying to lose weight and Modere Burn isn’t going to help.

Modere is promising assistance with blood sugar levels and cravings, but that’s not appetite suppression. The only cravings that are related to blood sugar come into play after eating.

These cravings are the result of a blood sugar spike. The meal pushes up the blood sugar and the pancreas responds by releasing extra insulin to bring the blood sugar down.

Carbohydrates and green coffee bean

This can cause a blood sugar crash that causes you to be hit by cravings for carbs and sugars.

Most diet pills contain ingredients that can prevent this type of battle between insulin and blood sugar. It’s pretty standard stuff.

The dieting process is only going to work if you are eating a restricted calorie diet. This can result in feelings of fatigue. Most diet pills address this fact by providing ingredients that boost energy. Modere Burn is no different.

Modere Burn also contains ingredients intended to boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenesis. If the pills can successfully pull this off, both these things will speed up calorie burning.

The metabolism is responsible for extracting energy from food and putting it to work. Speeding the metabolism up causes it to burn through calories more quickly.

Thermogenic fat burners trigger a slight elevation in body temperature. This causes the body to lose extra calories as heat.

In theory, when used alongside a restricted-calorie diet, the combination of a faster metabolism and increased thermogenesis should increase the need for fat burning. That means better weight loss.

Modere Burn Ingredient Profile

Some diet pill manufacturers reveal ingredient inclusion rates. Other hide some or all the ingredients in proprietary blends. That’s what Modere do and it’s a problem.

High doses of some ingredients may cause side effects. Low doses are just as bad. Even if the ingredients are good, they won’t work if the amount provided is too low. With proprietary blends, everything is a mystery.


Vitamin C


167 mg

80 mcg

Modere TrimBlend (354mg)

Cordyceps sinensis mycelia extract, caffeine (from robusta coffee), laminaria japonica kelp extract (10% Fucoxanthin), guarana, Chocamine, green tea, green coffee bean extract

Modere GlucoBlend (167mg)

Berbarine, Chromax (chromium picolinate)

Modere SupportBlend (187mg)

Ascorbic acid, olive (olea europaea) pulp extract

Blend Potential

According to the fact sheet provided on the Modere website, the three proprietary blends used in Burn support metabolism and thermogenesis in a synergistic manner. Other than this, the details are sketchy, to say the least.

However, let’s look at the first two ingredients first.

Vitamin C + Chromium

Vitamin C is an important vitamin that supports the immune system and aids the healing process. It’s also an antioxidant that offers protection from free radical toxins. [SOURCE]

chromium picolinate

Chromium is a mineral that’s added to diet pills because it’s good for keeping blood sugar and insulin levels under control. [SOURCE]

Modere TrimBlend

The TrimBlend is apparently responsible for boosting calorie burning and providing the promised energy kick.

Any energy boost provided will come courtesy of its caffeine content. Several of the ingredients provide it, but the two most potent sources are robusta coffee and guarana.

Although no inclusion rates are listed, Modera admits three capsules per day provide 180 mg of caffeine. That’s slightly less than you’d get from two cups of coffee and there will be a few hours between each 60 mg hit.

A dose like that is hardly going to send the average person hyperactive. Nor does it present much of a risk of side effects. However, the formulation would be much stronger if it had some B Vitamins included. They boost energy by helping the body metabolize food. Most diet pills contain B Vitamins, but Modere Burn does not.

As an energy-provider, the Modere TrimBlend looks pretty weak, but what of the claims that it will boost calorie burning?

The blend contains green tea, which boosts the metabolism and encourages thermogenic fat burning. [SOURCE]

Green coffee bean extract is also a respected fat burner and kelp can assist fat burning by helping the thyroid produce the T-Hormones that govern the metabolism.

The problem is, there is no way to know if the formulation provides viable doses of green tea, green coffee bean, or kelp extract.

As for cordyceps sinensis mycelia, it’s a parasitic fungus that attacks caterpillars. It has its uses in Ayurvedic medicine but is unlikely to add much value here.

Modere GlucoBlend

This blend is supposed to help Modere Burn provide healthy glucose levels. The strange thing is it contains Chromax. This is a patented ingredient that provides chromium. The Modere Burn diet pill formulation already has chromium, why add more?

Berberine is a plant extract that’s good for controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. Most studies involve doses of 500 mg per day or more. The GlucoBlend could not possibly supply such a high dose. [SOURCE]

Modere SupportBlend

The SupportBlend is alleged to provide antioxidant support and cell protection and, once again, we have a duplicate ingredient here. Ascorbic acid is another name for Vitamin C, which will undoubtedly provide antioxidant support.

Olive leaf extract is good for the heart because it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. However, its main purpose here is likely to be as a way of linking Modere Burn with the Mediterranean Diet.

How Do You Use Modere Burn?

It’s important to take the capsules with a large glass of water and food. This can be a meal or a snack, Modere says either one is good.

The dose is one capsule, taken three times per day. Each dose should be separated by an interval of three to four hours. Modere also points out the importance of using the pills alongside a sensible diet and regular exercise.

Customer Feedback

Reliable customer feedback is in limited supply, but a few average comments read:

“I got a headache with this. Nausea too. I had to stop using it so I don’t know if it works.”

“I love this product. It gives me so much energy it’s amazing.”

“Every time I use burn it gives me a massive headache. I don’t normally get headaches and I don’t like the idea of paying to get them.”

Does Modere Burn Cause Side Effects?

Customer reviews suggest the formulation may present problems for certain people. Headaches seem to be the most reported side effect. If the caffeine content is as low as Modere claims it is, it’s hard to know why this could be.

However, kelp extract and chromium can both cause headaches if the dose is too high, so that could be a possibility.

It never pays to take risks with your health so we suggest all potential users obtain medical approval before commencing use of this product.

Where to Buy Modere Burn

Modere Burn is only available from the manufacturer’s website. A bottle provides a 30-day supply of pills. That’s pretty much standard. The price is not, the product is quite expensive and costs more than many products that have a better reputation.


Modere is promising a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line (Is Modere Burn a Good Diet Pill to Buy?)

It’s possible Modere Burn may provide some degree of weight loss, but the formulation is unlikely to pack much power. Nor is it likely to provide hunger control. There’s not really a lot going on here.

At best it’s likely to prove to be an over-priced under-performer. There are better options available that can offer a lot more support at a better price.

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