Pruvit Keto Reboot Review – What’s Included, is It Worth It?

Last updated on December 27th, 2018

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Pruvit Keto Reboot Review

Keto is hot right now, and so are the dietary supplements that bear its name, like Pruvit Keto Reboot.

The product is actually a package of four different products that take 60 hours to get through as it turns you into a Keto dieter.

Does it work though? What are the advantages? What does it mean for your energy levels?

Hold up. First let’s clear one thing up for the people that think the ketogenic diet is a new, magical invention.

It’s not.

There, now that’s out the way, let’s be reasonable human beings.

Ketogenic diets can otherwise be called ultra/very low carb diets. Remember the Atkins diet? That’s pretty much the keto diet lite.

In fact, the ketogenic diet is defined by the state of ketogenesis, which has been a thing for, well, forever!

It’s only relatively recently that “keto” has become something you can buy and sell, and not a thing you do or don’t do.

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Keto diet what to eat

What’s Ketogenesis?

Eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day and you’ll find out.

No, seriously, it’s when the liver resorts to producing these things called ketone bodies in the absence of, or in very low quantities, of carbs.

The body and brain can use ketone bodies for energy.

Is That Good For You?

The the carb-fasted state is said, by keto advocates, to trigger increased fat burning, which isn’t true.

Said keto advocates also tout the concept that ketogenic dieting is somehow better for your general health. Again, this is not true, and has been shown in major studies to be untrue.

These fallacies don’t stop the keto pushers from using the increased fat burning and improved health as weapons in their marketing ways.

Despite the commercial BS factory’s attempts to sully the name of carbohydrates, there is a countermovement, made up of science-driven, reasonable individuals, who tend to level the playing field.

One piece of advice from the science camp is that the best diet is the one you can adhere to. If that diet is Keto, then have at it.

Ketogenic Diets

Now, I should probably talk about Pruvit Keto Boost.

What Does Pruvit Keto Boost Do?

The dude that sells the 60 Hour Keto Reboot is called Rob Deboer, and he explains that his product is: “A keto toolkit, rooted in science”

He goes on to explain that the 60 Hour Keto Reboot is like hitting the reset button and rebooting your body and mind after it has become slow due to:

  • Stress at work
  • Stress at home
  • Food choices
  • Lack of sleep
  • Your environment
  • Exercise

The product is designed to be used monthly (at repeat cost, of course), providing a 60 hour program consisting of drinks, soups and capsules to reboot you after all those physical and psychological problems.

There’s more.

He calls it a:

  • Plateau busting;
  • Glycogen depleting;
  • Muscle sparing;
  • Fat burning;
  • Body detoxing;
  • Energy enhancing;
  • LIFE CHANGING…full body, metabolic reboot.

The general point of this kit seems to be a way of helping your body convert to ketosis, whereby you produce ketone bodies for energy rather than using glycogen from carbohydrates.

Nothing else is meant to be consumed during the 60 hours. Only what’s in the kit.

Pruvit Keto Reboot

What’s in the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Kit?

The kit contains 4 separate products:

  1. Keto//OS Max
  2. Better//Broth
  3. Keto//Kalm
  4. Signal//OS

Pruvit Keto Reboot – Keto//OS Max

This is a drink packet, of which you get 4 in total in the kit. Pruvit say Keto//OS Max was designed to “help achieve maximum brain power and performance to push beyond physical and mental limitations.”
The main ingredient is a salt form of BHB, aka beta-Hydroxybutyrate, which is synthesized in the liver from the first ketone body, acetoacetate, during the carb-fasted process.

Keto//OS Max also contains fermented Leucine, L-Taurine and a compound called ac-11 (the inner bark of Uncaria tomentosa) as part of its N8 Bioavailability Blend.

The N8 Bioavailability Blend is the trademarked blend in each of the Pruvit keto sachet products. Each one varies slightly but they all appear to have BHB and Uncaria tomentosa (ac-11) at the core.

Pruvit Keto Reboot – Better//Broth

This one’s a soup, and again, you get 4 packets of it for your 60 hour reboot.

Pruvit tell us that it’s more than just chicken broth though. It contains ketones, amino acids, protein, ac-11 (Uncaria tomentosa) and Vitamin B6 and B12.

The N8 Bioavailability Blend is 10 grams of the following:

  • Natural Beef Broth
  • Natural Chicken Broth
  • Max BHB (beta Hydroxybutyrate discussed in previous section)
  • Fermented L-Leucine
  • Type II Collagen Peptides
  • ac-11 (Uncaria tomentosa)
  • Hyaluronic acid

Better//Broth is basically the “meal” of the kit as it contains 15g of protein.

Pruvit Keto Reboot – Keto//Kalm

This sachet drink is for soothing your body and mind, according to Pruvit. They say it can be taken during your day to provide a “blissful” calming effect OR at night when it will promote deep, quality sleep.

This time around, the N8 Bioavailability Blend is 4.3 grams and contains:

  • Max BHB
  • L-HICA
  • Rooibos Tea
  • 5-HTP
  • L-Theanine
  • ac-11
  • Zinc Gluconate

L-HICA – aka L-alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid OR Leucic Acid – is a metabolite of leucine that can reduce acid accumulation in muscle cells. It may delay fatigue during intense activity and reduce some muscle protein breakdown.

It’s probably been included here to reduce muscle wastage during the 60 Hour Keto Kleanse or Reboot (Pruvit use both terms) because you’re getting very little protein and almost no calories.

Studies of Leucine’s metabolites like HICA and HMB haven’t shown them to have much of a positive impact on muscle growth or performance. Mostly they are touted as recovery/anti-catabolic, but there is a point where that should show in terms of physical results, and it just doesn’t seem to. [study 1] and [study 2]

5-HTP (hydroxytryptophan) is a precursor of serotonin and can help people who have reduced serotonin levels to feel calmer and happier…and less hungry.

L-Theanine for weight loss and relaxation

L-Theanine is a non-essential amino acid that can induce relaxation without sedation. It can also reduce the perception of stress, but at the same time improve concentration.

Pruvit Keto Reboot – Signal//OS

This part of the kit includes 10 capsules for 5 servings of the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12 [100mcg]
  • ac-11 (inner bark of Uncaria tomentosa) [350mg]
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus 10:1 extract [100mg]
  • Sodium [5mg]
  • Reishi Mushroom [100mg]
  • BioPerine [25mg]

Reishi Mushroom is known for its anti-cancer and anti-diabetic (pro-insulin sensitivity) effects. It can also boost the immune system if it is weakened by something.

Eleutherococcus senticosus is commonly known as Siberian ginseng. It’s an adaptogen that helps to fight fatigue.

Uncaria Tomentosa (ac-11) is prevalent throughout the whole 60 Keto Reboot kit. It’s used as an anti-inflammatory and fatigue problems. Human evidence is lacking and research has not really highlighted which kind of extract is the best.

The one area of research that Pruvit are most interested in is DNA repair. There are several studies (like this one) which highlight this compound’s ability to repair DNA.

What’s the Verdict – Does the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Work?

I have to admit that for this product, I can’t tell you from first hand experience what’s it like because I’m not interested in using it. I’m also not interested in following a ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diets, ultra-low-carb diets, high fat low carb (HFLC) diets have been around forever. Some people have stumbled across this way of life and found that it works for them.

Others follow keto because it’s once again trending.

Products that claim to help your adjustment to the Keto lifestyle, especially products from companies that claim their product has best results when used once a month, should be something you think long and hard about before shelling out your cash.

Do you really need to keep “rebooting” your system?

Or should you find something – a diet – that you can adhere to, be consistent with, and treat as a positive facet of your lifestyle as a whole?

I’m asking those questions of you because there is no way for me to tell you this product will help, or it won’t help you as an individual. It’s not like other products, there’s the whole philosophy that goes along with it, and the keto philosophy is kind of all-or-nothing.

If you’re already a die-hard keto fan then you might love this product, if only because it talks the talk.

But, then, if you’re already fully into ketosis, isn’t your body already the squeaky clean temple of majesty that the diet is supposed to provide? Why would you need a reboot if ketogenic dieting works so well?

If you’re on the fence about ultra low carb dieting and you think this product will help, then I’d be extremely interested in your results.

One thing I’m particularly intrigued about is whether it actually helps to consume ketone bodies when you’re trying to encourage your body to make its own from the fat you’re eating.

The low calories and protein content of this 60 hour kit also has me wondering how effective you are going to be in the gym for that period of time.

For example, if you’re coming off carbs and trying to switch your system to ketosis, those few days, and perhaps a few afterwards, are not going to make for great workouts and/or recovery.

Try it if you are interested, it really is the only way to see how you will respond.

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  1. Ross, I like your reviews. I started KETO before I realized everyone else was jumping on this crazed ban wagon. I started because I became too dependent on sugar and carbs. I became insulin resistant. No diabetes yet but even when trying to eat healthy nothing was helping. I cut out all Bread, pasta, rice and most fruits. The fruits I will add back once I get my weight under control. I also don’t beat myself up if I slip. I started walking daily too. In 3 months i lost almost 20lbs. I am very happy but have gone stagnant. I can’t seem to get over the next hurdle. I too am looking for the miracle to help me kick start me to the next level. I am trying hard not to give up.

    • Hi Kimberley. Thanks for the complement. Don’t worry a bit about plateauing or rebounding a little. In fact, what you’re looking for in the end is a plateau that you can continue indefinitely. Most people don’t realize that you can’t really make linear progress – there has to be stages along the way where you level off. You need to introduce another novel stimulus to kick start the progress again. Sometimes it’s getting extra sleep, sometimes it’s a change in exercise routine. Supplements can help but I’m afraid those labelled “keto” are just taking advantage of the ‘crazed bandwagon’ as you put it.

      Insulin resistance is a product of eating in a calorie surplus as well as the ratio of fast carbs. You can rescue your insulin sensitivity by eating in a calorie deficit while including carbohydrates. You can do it at maintenance and even above if you stick to low/medium GI carbs. There is a place for high GI carbs and that is during and after exercise. Also the odd treat is fine, again if you are controlling the input 90% of the time.

      Twenty pounds in 3 months is great. I don’t know your specifics but you’ve probably reached a point where you need to change something. Most people don’t under report their calories in as well. It’s not an intentional thing but there are little bits here and there that can be missed, and they add up. Also, make sure you are calculating your TDEE correctly as this changes when you lose weight and the amount of protein you should be eating is based off body weight. I’ve written some articles on calculating your protein number your metabolism, so take a look at those if you need some detailed information, down to how to calculate your energy values. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

  2. Been looking into this reboot, I’ve I tried a couple different keto diet products so far. I’m just having a hard time believing that people are losing so much weight in little time as the before and after pics show. Like this website shows some before and afters that look to be from the main company but they are hard to believe…

    Do you plan on trying this program yourself at some point in the future? Or do you recommend another program?

    • Hi there, thanks for asking your question. You’d be right to be skeptical; we generally try and find customer feedback from anywhere but the manufacturer’s website – to reduce the likelihood of extreme bias. I’ll be honest with you, Keto weight loss products are really just riding the wave of the current popularity of the ketogenic diet. The people behind the products will latch on to the next craze soon enough. Ketogenic dieting simply doesn’t make you lose weight faster than people who eat carbs. It comes down to how many calories you eat versus how many you burn over the course of any given time period. The reason some people find keto easier (to lose weight with) is because fat is more filling, thus making it more difficult to overeat. The problems arise when you need anaerobic energy because in ketosis you just can’t summon it quick enough to satisfy most sports and training styles.

      The short answer is: No, we won’t be trying a keto product or program anytime soon. It just doesn’t make sense when you look at all the facts objectively.

      • I have been using the pruvit products for a few months now and yes I did lose a significant amount of weight during the reboot. (No, I do not do them every month) As far as you talking about the ketogenic diet. I have watched many videos and spoke to people from Pruvit personally and not once did they say I needed to follow a keto diet. I have actually heard people say it is an almost impossible diet to follow. They do talk about eating healthier. But the pruvit keto drink helps put your body into ketosis without actually doing the ketogenic diet. I could go on but just wanted you all to see a different perspective.

    • Wow. I actually don’t get how they can leave a review of a product & not actually try it. I also researched the company it was from before I myself used it. I found this review because I told my friend how great it was & she saw this! They’re not claiming the reboot or any of their products as a weight loss supplement! I lost weight on the reboot (I’ve done it twice for my gut health 6 months apart) But it’s a therapeutic supplement in terms of the rest of the stuff energy,focus, sleep etc. Yeah it puts you into Ketosis & you will burn fat but if you eat 20 donuts a day you won’t lose weight, you still gotta store that. Myself & many of my friends have had great success with Ketones because it helps you get into good habits, curbs your appetite & gives you the energy to exercise, chase kids etc. I love the reboot too. At the end of the day ANYONE can write ANYTHING . Every person is different, you just have to try it for yourself. 2 of my friends who use it are Athletes and it’s improved their performance and they eat carbs. These guys need to give it a good crack before they go off hypothesis

      • Great comment Lauren. Ross has a dislike for products based on the Keto principle. If you would like to send in a personal review we may include it in the editorial and revise our review.

  3. So what your saying is: you are “reviewing” a product you have never tried, nor will ever try, you dont believe in the Ketogenic diet, and you think the rest of us are fools for trying it? You basically broke down the ingredients and explained the job of each, which in my opinion, actually bolstered the claims of the product rather than diminish them. So, in the end, I am not really sure what the point of your review was. How can you write an unbiased “review” on a product you haven’t even tried and then give it a solid thumbs down? Doesn’t make much sense. #justsaying

    • Thank you for the comments Elysia, the review was based on one persons opinion. We always like to have a balance so if anyone has any personal experience with Pruvit products we would be happy to receive them

  4. Hello, I have a friend who has used the Pruvit products and has done very well. She also follows a keto diet and it is working for her. I tried the reboot myself just to see what would happen. I lost a few lbs….but who wouldn’t only consuming less than 200 calories in 60 hours. 🙂 It did motivate me to drink a lot of water which you have to in order to not feel sick. Drinking water is a positive side effect. However, when I was done, I was soooo hungry! I will probably gain back the weight I lost. I do carb cycling and it works best for me. To each their own!

  5. I’m on the fence about trying the reboot as typically anything that is manufactured is not real food.
    I gained so much weight over the years after quitting smoking in 1985, lost some, gained it back Ughh.. In Jan 2018 I paid $2600 for a program based on my DNA, saliva and breathing. I lost Zero weight in 8 months.. Found the Keto Lifestyle, lost 52 lbs in 5 months.. My blood pressure was 170/110 before and last week it was down to 140/68 🙂 Both my puffers have been shelved for 2 months. I didn’t track anything, just stopped all processed foods, anything with sugar in it and no potatoes, rice, or bread. I got my fitness pal tracked my Macros for a week and I was right on par with the ratio. Now I’ve stalled for almost a month. Not too Keen on trying this, but they are very convincing ! I was in line for Bariatric Surgery 🙁 My BMI was right on the borderline 275lbs. I was desperate. Now I’m in the gym, things are looking up, but need a restart of some sort.

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