Alpha A5 Fat Burner Review – Everything You Need to Know

Is this the next generation fat burner? Read our review of Mental Hamster A5 and decide for yourself.

Alpha A5 Fat Burner Review

Quirky brand name (Mental Hamster).
Some good ingredients.

To many stimulants.
Possible side effects.
Better fat burners available.

We have reviewed many other fat burners that are much better than Alpha A5 Fat Burner.

One product we would rate better by some distance is PhenQ – it doesn’t rely on hype. It is a serious fat burner / weight loss product.


Alpha A5 Fat Burner Review

Alpha A5 Fat Burner is a diet pill marketed under the Mental Hamster brand name.

The company used to trade under the name Alpha Training and appears to operate out of a unit on an industrial estate in Kettering.

However, when we checked the address shown on the site we found a lot of other companies are claiming to be based at “Unit 2, Telford Way Industrial Estate”, so the address provided may belong to a mail forwarding service.

Apart from writing a letter, the only other way to contact Mental Hamster customer support is via email.

We haven’t been able to find out much about this company, but none of the scam warning websites or customer complaint sites are showing any tales of woe about Mental Hamster and that’s certainly a good sign.

What Is Alpha A5 Fat Burner and How Does It Work?

Alpha A5 Fat Burner is a capsule-type supplement that’s designed to function as a fat burner.

According to the official sales page, the capsules are strong, effective and will work extremely well if they are used before training.

A statement like that suggests the product is also intended to function as a pre-workout supplement and it may have a lot of potential in that regard because all four ingredients used in the formulation are stimulants.

The sales page provides no information about how the product is designed to work, but potential customers are encouraged to buy Alpha A5 Fat Burner because it’s alleged to be:

  • Suitable for Men and Women
  • Definitely superior to its competitors on the market
  • An essential supplement for fitness enthusiasts worldwide
  • May increase your energy levels
  • May help you to achieve your lean physique goals

Key Ingredients

Each capsule contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (175mg): A fast-acting caffeine powder that’s used in energy drinks and is also the driving force in the caffeine tablets some people take to ward off fatigue and help boost mental focus. Caffeine is a proven fat burner, but the dose provided here is only slightly less than the amount provided by two cups of coffee and may be too high for some people to tolerate.
  • Green Coffee Blend (150mg): Green coffee bean extracts have value for providing weight loss support because they contain a fat burning chemical called chlorogenic acid. Green coffee extracts have a reputation for delivering results, but green coffee is also a source of caffeine and the Alpha A5 Fat Burner already contains quite a lot of that already.
  • Bitter Orange Powder (125mg): An extract taken from citrus aurantium fruit. Bitter orange provides a stimulant called syneprhrine that can function well as a fat burner. However, although a clinical review suggests the ingredient should not present any problems, the dose provided here is much higher than the doses used in most clinical trials and this can only increase the risk of side effects, especially in a formulation that contains so many other stimulants.
  • Paulinia Cupana (25mg): More commonly called guarana, this is a tropical berry extract that is renowned for its potency as a caffeine provider. It delivers caffeine to the body more slowly than other caffeine-providing ingredients do. This allows it to provide longer-lasting stimulation.
Synephrine fat burner

Usage Instructions

The usage guidelines are unclear.

Customers are told to take one capsule in the morning, before a meal. On training days two capsules should be taken before exercise.

However, the guidelines also state it’s important not to take more than three capsules in any 24-hour period, so we have to wonder if the product is intended to be taken three times per day, with meals (on non-training days).

The product FAQs also suggest taking a two-day break from supplementation every week.

This is optional but will help ensure maximum benefits.

Alpha A5 Fat Burner is heavily reliant on stimulants and, as people become more tolerant of them through continued use, the benefits provided by stimulants may decrease.

As with any weight management product, best results can be obtained by using the pills as part of an overall weight management routine that involves a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Alpha A5 Fat Burner Customer Feedback

The only customer reviews available are the ones published on the Mental Hamster website.

They are all very good. Typical comments include “truly amazing”, “best fat burner ever”, and “the dog’s nuts”.

However, reviews provided on manufacturer’s website are often hand-picked and are generally too biased to be relied upon to provide a true insight into the way products are likely to perform for the average person using them.

Side Effects and Health Issues

Alpha A5 Fat Burner has such a high stimulant content we feel nobody should use it without first obtaining prior approval from a doctor.

Where to Buy Alpha A5 Fat Burner

Alpha A5 Fat Burner appears to be exclusive to the Mental Hamster website.

There are normally additional charges for postage and packing, but these are waived for customers in the UK if they place an order that has a value of £50 or more.


Mental Hamster fails to provide a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Mental Hamster is primarily marketing this product as a fat burner so we would have to disagree with the claim that it’s “definitely superior to its competitors on the market”.

We have reviewed many other fat burners that are much better than Alpha A5 Fat Burner.

Pumping the body full of stimulants can increase the metabolism and encourage fat burning, but it’s not the only way to do it. Nor is it the best.

A little caffeine or synephrine is fine in moderation (for most people), but green tea has superior fat burning abilities. So does capsicum extract and neither one presents the same risk of side effects.

Alpha A5 Fat Burner probably offers the most value as a pre-workout supplement but, even then, some people may have difficulty tolerating such a stimulant-rich formulation.

We suggest anyone who is using the product in this way begin with just one capsule instead of two and only increase the dose if no tolerance issues arise.

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