Best Fat Burners for Women – A Guide to Female Fat Burning Supplements

Best women's fat burner

What is the Best Burner for Women

What is the best fat burner for women available today?

This article will describe exactly what women should look for in a fat burner. What ingredients are essential and what to avoid.

I will also describe how to use the fat burner and when to take it.

Below are the current top 3 fat burners that we have know of from the many many products we have researched and tested.

LeanBean is the #1 Fat Burner for Women

LeanBean is a stimulant-free fat burner which is marketed more towards women than men. They even use the phrase: “tailored to women” as one of the selling points.

There is no reason a man cannot use the product, however, just by the way.

Women are the focus, the company says, because most hardcore fat burners contain doses of stimulants and other ingredients that women are in general more sensitive to than men.

Basically, a lot of women avoid high-stimulant fat burners because of the way it makes them feel.

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Secondly, LeanBean is targeted to women because of some interesting research that shows that females have a slightly different relationship with food when compared to men.

Ladies are more susceptible to making emotional decisions with respect to eating. This is not to say that women are more emotional than men, just that may be more likely to seek comfort in food.

LeanBean before and after

On average, women also hold a greater percentage of fat than men, which is partly due to the effects of estrogen.

With these factors in mind, the manufacturers of LeanBean have put together a formula which not only burns fat via thermogenesis, but which also provides a number of other benefits.

LeanBean can:

    • Burn Fat through Thermogenesis
    • Block some Carbohydrate Absorption
    • Suppress Appetite
    • Boost Energy
    • Reduce Sugar Cravings
    • Regulate Blood Sugar
    • Improve Mood and Wellbeing
    • Reduce Inflammation
    • Improve Overall Health
    • Act Preventatively Against Toxins and Disease

Some of the most interesting ingredients of modern day supplements have been packed into the LeanBean capsules.

Great Dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract

I was surprised to find Green Coffee Bean extract in the supplement at such a great dosage. Green coffee is unroasted coffee bean, and it contains a special compound called chlorogenic acid.

Green Coffee Bean for weight loss

The scientific research strongly supports chlorogenic acid as a fat burner as well as a carb blocker (it prevents the absorption of some glucose in your diet) but diet pills and fat burners generally fall way short of an effective dose.

LeanBean’s inclusion is 6000mg across the four pills you take in a day, which pretty much blows holes in any other product.

But LeanBean’s recipe contains 12 ingredients, not just the green coffee bean.

Turmeric, Capsaicin, Cayenne and Black Pepper

These four ingredients work in harmony with one another to turn up the heat on your body fat. And they do it without acting like stimulants.

Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) is a type of tissue which burns white fat (aka White Adipose Tissue, or WAT).

This is a good arrangement, and recent scientific investigations have discovered that certain ingredients can cause white fat cells to turn brown.

Basically, the unwanted white fat becomes reduced, while more fat-burning mitochondria enter the cell. While reducing your fat volume, it even turns those shrunken white cells into fat burning factories.

Capsaicin (hot chili pepper), cayenne and the curcumin in turmeric all light this BAT up and help ‘brown’ those white fat cells.

And don’t worry about the chili pepper or cayenne, you don’t actually feel the heat from them because they’re released from your intestine by the capsule where you cant feel it.

To top it off, the black pepper increases the bioavailability and absorption of the capsaicin, cayenne and turmeric.

But they don’t stop there. These ingredients have other tricks up their sleeves for burning fat, suppressing appetite, improving overall health and generally kicking booty.

Glucomannan Appetite Suppressor for weight loss

Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Acai Berry, Glucomannan and More…

LeanBean’s formula just goes on and on, and it contains effective, well dosed ingredients.

LeanBean – the Pros

    • Smart, effective formula
    • Packed with stacks of ingredients
    • Ideal for Women
    • No negative side effects
    • Very popular with very positive feedback from customers
    • Packages of 2 or more are economical with Free Worldwide Shipping on some

LeanBean – the Cons

    • Single bottles are pricey

Yes, if you get one bottle only then each time you buy some you will pay quite a bit.

However, there are deals on the multi-bottle packages and they come with increasingly good free stuff the bigger they are.

You can even avail of free global delivery and free bottles of Leanbean itself.

Leanbean also comes with a guarantee of 90 days, where you can even get your money back if it doesn’t work as described.

As for the packages, any supplement needs a bit of time to take effect. You can’t expect miracles in a week and get upset if you don’t lose 40 lbs in two.

I recommend three months of anything like this to start with so that you can settle into using it and get into the rhythm and consistency of it all.

PhenQ – #2 Fat Burner for Women

PhenQ contains caffeine which obviously puts it in the stimulant pile, but it’s not an overpowering amount.

Again, both men and women can take PhenQ with no problems, and it’s one product that has been designed for both men and women equally.

How To Buy PhenQ


PhenQ contains the a specialized ingredient called a-Lacys Reset, a patented compound that increases fat burning under aerobic conditions.

This compound also increase mitochondrial activity and the synthesis of ATP, your body’s energy currency.

It even helps reduce protein catabolism and rebalances metabolic disorders (even those linked to menopause from increased estrogen production).

Read the full PhenQ review here

Phenq before and after pictures

Finally it improves the antioxidant profile of your blood while enhancing oxygen uptake.

The formula also contains the following ingredients:

    • Capsimax Powder
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • Caffeine
    • Nopal
    • L-Carnitine Furmarate

What’s Capsimax?

Capsimax is a branded ingredient which contains capsaicin and black pepper together with a time-release coating that gets it all the way to the lower intestine.

capsicum and capsimax

The main ingredient, capsaicin (hot pepper extract), triggers multiple fat burning mechanisms, including increased lipolysis and BAT activation (see LeanBean section above for a little more detail on this, or go here for a lot more detail).

Many fat burners include Capsimax in their recipes, and with continuing success being found with capsaicin in the laboratory, they probably always will.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

L-Carnitine Furmarate is a form of L-Carnitine which is absorbed much better than when it is taken in the form of pure l-carnitine.

The body uses it to transport fatty acids (fat) into the mitochondria of cells to be burned, or oxidized.

Scientists found that supplementing l-carnitine can keep this process going for longer, even during exercise ranging from light to intense.

Furthermore, l-carnitine can delay the release of lactic acid and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.

It is one of the most popular cutting ingredients of all time.

PhenQ – The Pros

    • Quality, innovative ingredients that work
    • Thermogenic
    • Appetite Suppressant
    • Energy Booster
    • Free of side effects
    • Suitable for women and men
    • Highly positive feedback from customers
    • 200,000 customers
    • Mega deal on the top package currently

PhenQ – The Cons

It’s another costly one if you buy it in singular bottles. This is definitely a marketing thing to make sure you buy more than one, but then what retailer doesn’t do that?!

Besides, as I mentioned in the LeanBean section, if you’re buying a fat burner, you will probably want a couple months’ worth of it at least.

It’s also only available online, which is probably a cost saving measure but it also allows them to send you PhenQ wherever you live in the world, and shipping is free on some packages.

There’s an insane deal on PhenQ where you can buy 3 bottles and you’ll get 2 free!

Plus you’ll get a bonus supplement, 10 free training and nutrition guides and free worldwide shipping.

They’ve often got flash sale codes at the bottom of the website as well. They can get you 20% of the entire price of your order on top of the package deals.

PhenQ comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Phentaslim #3 Stacked Fat Burner for Women

The PhentaSlim formula contains 16 ingredients.

Now, not all products that contain a huge list of ingredients are great. In fact, most of the time you’re better off going with a quality-over-quantity approach in that respect.

Phentaslim for women

Often, when companies put everything but the kitchen sink in the formula, they forget about the importance of dosage, and any fat burning potency the product might have had is lost because each compound is too diluted.

Not so with Phentaslim.

The ingredients have been chosen cleverly. They work well together, they have synergy, and they have been shown to work in small doses.

Green Tea and Caffeine are a great pair; caffeine boosting levels of noradrenaline and green tea inhibiting the enzyme that degrades those catecholamines.

L-Theanine and Caffeine work in concert; l-theanine enhances the cognitive/alertness response of caffeine while simultaneously improving feelings of calmness via the production of alpha waves in the brain.

It is weirdly great at making you feel focused and calm at the same time.

Guarana works as a secondary source of caffeine, but one that releases slowly over time, taking over from caffeine anhydrous when its potency starts to fade.

It continues the fat burning and cognitive benefits for much longer

Panax Ginseng and L-Tyrosine reduce the stress associated with dieting and can help improve exercise. They work particularly well with the L-Theanine, caffeine and guarana.

Cayenne pepper is also present at a great dose. It is essentially the same as capsaicin when it comes to fat burning effects.

Phentaslim is Stacked with Stacks

The way to look at Phentaslim’s formula is a lot of mini stacks. Stacks being ingredients which combine together to have a synergistic, or additive, effect on one another.

This means the inclusions have a greater effect on fat burning than they would if they didn’t come with the other supportive ingredients.

For example, L-Theanine does not directly cause any fat loss on its own, but it makes caffeine so much better that it enhances the fat burning benefits of the formula as a whole.

Phentaslim – The Pros

    • Contains effective ingredients
    • Proven fat burner
    • Smart synergistic formula
    • Free Shipping
    • No side effects
    • 60 day money back guarantee
    • Positive reviews everywhere
    • Over 100,000 customers have purchased it
    • Suitable for women and men
    • PayPal accepted

Phentaslim – The Cons

    • Again, it ain’t cheap in single bottle form
    • Not Vegan/Vegetarian friendly

The company that makes Phentaslim – Optimum Nutra – supply FREE Worldwide Shipping with every order, even if you buy only one bottle.

The most economical package to buy is the 3 bottle package but you can order as many or as little as you want.

Phentaslim is a stacked fat burner at reasonable prices, with free global shipping and a 60 day guarantee…so why is it at the #3 spot?

To be honest with you, it comes down to minor differences in the formula of each of these Top 3 products. Any one of them, however, is bound to help customers who are willing to put the effort in on their end.

Best Fat Burner for women

Losing weight is always more difficult than putting it on…at least for most people anyway.

Diet is the most important aspect to get a grip of; it’s what we have the most control over, and it’s where can make the biggest dent.

Exercise and activity come next, as you’ve no doubt been told a million times over since forever.

Dietary supplements, especially fat burners, are an additional means of burning a few hundred more calories per day and getting you closer to your goal weight.

In this article we will look at some of the best and most popular fat burners that are available to buy today and give you our response to the question: what is the best fat burner for a woman?

Why Use a Fat Burner?

Despite what diet “gurus” and trend-following sheep will tell you, no diet has magical powers.

Keto, intermittent fasting (IF), Atkins, vegan, paleo, carnivore, gluten-free…whatever. In order for them to work for weight loss they must all have one universal effect:

  • They must cause a calorie deficit.

This means that for a given period – we mostly think of a 24 hour day – you must burn more calories than you consume.

That’s it.


There is a huge body of evidence in the form of scientific, empirical, observational and anecdotal reports that support this.

Similarly, there are no magic products, powders, pills, systems or people that can somehow give you the ability to eat a calorie surplus and lose weight.

To that end, the calories in / calories out (CICO) balance can be tipped in your favour with the use of a fat burner.

Simply put, a fat burner can increase the rate of fat oxidation by triggering metabolic processes in the body.

An increase in fat metabolism = a decrease in body fat

No magic, just biology.

Are There Different Types of Fat Burners?

Yes, though it’s probably easiest to think of them as either:

  • Stimulant based; or
  • Stimulant Free

Another widely held misconception is that a fat burner needs to contain stimulants in order to be effective.

This is simply not true.

There are thermogenic ingredients in both the stimulant and non-stimulant category.

Common examples of each are:

  1. Caffeine – stimulant
  2. Capsaicin – non-stimulant

Each interact with different receptors on a cellular level, and one just happens to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) while the other triggers a thermogenic response via a different route.

Furthermore, stimulants and non-stimulants tend to have common effects as well as individual benefits.

Stimulants and non-stimulants can even be synergistic with one another – boosting each others’ fat burning effect on top of exerting their separate effects.

What are the best fat burners for women
Calorie control combines with exercise is the best way to get rid of arm fat

Which Type of Fat Burner is Best for Women?

Whether you choose a stimulant or stimulant free fat burner is entirely up to you.

Some people do not enjoy stimulants, or they might be particularly sensitive to them and feel the side effects more strongly than others do.

Other people might want to avoid stimulant based fat burners because they enjoy drinking coffee and don’t want to overdo it.

Different strokes for different folks. Another person would say they like the buzz of stimulants and that it helps provide them with an extra boost of energy or focus.

Honestly, it’s a case of trying different products out – for a decent period of time – and seeing how you get on.

It always comes back to being consistent with your progress and adhering to the calorie deficit.

When you find a fat burner that helps you succeed in those two areas, you’ve got a winner.

Are There any Side Effects I Should be Concerned About?

Not from any product we recommend.

Of course, the possibility of side effects cannot be completely ruled out, but if you follow the dosage guidelines and use the products as intended, they can only ever be mild at most.

We’re talking some stimulant effects (if you use a stimulant) such as mild nausea, dizziness, cramps and increased heart rate. If you use them too late in the day then they can interrupt sleep.

However, effects like increased perspiration and core temperature have to be expected with thermogenic fat burners. It’s part of their mechanism of effect.

Any notable side effects are a result of careless use. Use the product properly and you will have no problems.

Wrapping Up The Best Fat Burners for Women

Now you’ve had a look at the Top 3 fat burners from our perspective, you’re probably in a position to decide on which one to go for.

Honestly, the decision couldn’t be easier.

If you want a stim-free fat burner, then go with LeanBean. You won’t be disappointed.

Should you like a bit of a kick to your diet pills then either one of the other two – PhenQ or Phentaslim – will help you reach your goals.

Remember, a fat burner is only as effective as the person using them. You will get so much more out of the product if you control your calorie intake to ensure you are either at maintenance or a deficit.

I can tell you that the results from fat burners like these vary from person to person, just like anything else does.

Some people respond extremely well to ingredients like green tea and green coffee bean, while others are more sensitive to capsaicin and cayenne peppers.

The good thing about large, synergistic formulas is that each ingredient has a better chance of having a more intensive fat burning effect.

When you look at weight loss from a calories-in calories-out perspective, it isn’t rocket science.

Diet and exercise do most of the grunt work.

A good fat burner like those described above can take another few hundred calories off per day.

LeanBean was chosen as the current best fat burner for women. Enjoy the results.

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