Dub Nutrition Burner Review – How Does it Work, What is in it?

Dub Nutrition Burner




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  • Some good ingredients
  • Can aid weight loss


  • Dosage could be increased
  • Contain diuretics

Dub Nutrition Burner Review

Dub Nutrition Burner is a diet pill distributed by a Multi-Level-Marketing company called Dub Nutrition.

MLM companies are quite active within the supplement industry because supplements often need to be used on a long-term basis and this can create an ongoing source of revenue.

Dub Nutrition is a little different from most other MLM companies because companies of this nature generally only sell their products via the distributors who’ve signed up for the business “opportunity”.

Dub does not support its distributors’ success in this way.

Dub products are available online and in-store from Walmart and you can also buy them via Amazon.com.

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What Is Dub Nutrition Burner and How Does It Work?

Dub Nutrition Fat Burner is designed to promote healthy and sustainable weight loss by providing five key benefits:

  • Appetite control
  • Fat oxidation
  • Mental alertness
  • Athletic performance
  • Water balance

Most diet pills are designed to provide appetite control and fat oxidation (fat burning).

Diet pill formulations that boost mental alertness and athletic performance are not uncommon either.

This kind of diet pill is usually more appealing to people who put in a lot of time at the gym and find their low-calorie lifestyle makes them feel too physically fatigued and mentally tired to put much effort into their training.

When diet pills are alleged to provide water balance it usually means they contain diuretic ingredients that will cause the body to retain a reduced amount of water.

This can be beneficial for bodybuilders because it reduces the amount of puffy tissue covering their muscles and helps provide improved definition.

Diuretics offer no value for fat loss though and their presence in diet pill formulations can lead to confusion because dieters may look at the scales, see they have lost weight, and presume it’s because of fat loss when, in truth, it’s due to water loss.

As soon as supplementation is ceased the water will return. When people lose their fat it is gone and will only return through unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Dub Nutrition burner label

Key Ingredients

Three capsules per day provide:

  • Vitamin B12 (1250mcg)
  • Chromium Picolinate (120mcg)
  • Potassium (72mg)

The rest of the ingredients are housed in a proprietary blend.

  • Burner Blend (1801mg): L-Arginine, Guarana (providing 250mg caffeine), caralluma fimbriata, dandelion root 8:1, green tea extract, red raspberry ketones.

What’s in the Formula

Vitamin B12 is added to energy drinks because it helps the body obtain energy from food.

Chromium picolinate increases insulin sensitivity and research shows it has the potential to significantly reduce weight gain and fat accumulation.

It’s a good ingredient and the dose provided is about right.

Potassium does not help with weight loss, but it can prevent bloating by purging the kidneys of salt and sodium.

So far so good, but the value of the other inclusions is highly debatable because the use of a proprietary blend has given Dub Nutrition an excuse not to provide any inclusion rates.

Green tea stands out as being one of the best inclusion because it’s a proven fat burner, but it will only work if enough has been included.

Raspberry ketones is renowned for its capabilities as a fat burner and as an appetite suppressant.

Carralluma fimbriata is also a respected appetite suppressant.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that boosts nitrogen levels and encourages improvements to the circulation.

Guarana is a tropical berry that provides caffeine.

The inclusion rate is not provided, but Dub Nutrition admit the extract provides 250mg caffeine.

That’s quite a lot. It’s about the same as you’d get from 2 1/2 cups of coffee, so it should provide the promised energy boost and improved mental focus.

Last, but not least we have dandelion.

Again we don’t know how much is involved but it appears to be an 8:1 extract.

That means it’s been concentrated to eight times normal strength. It’s the only ingredient that’s been concentrated in this way, but its only value is as a diuretic.

That begs the question: Is Dub Nutrition really interested in providing long-term fat loss or is the formulation primarily designed to purge the body of water?

Usage Instructions

Two capsules are required at the start of the day.

A third capsule should be taken four to six hours later. Dub states the pills should not be consumed after 4 pm and warns against using them alongside sources of caffeine or other stimulants.

Dub Nutrition Burner Customer Feedback

Customer reviews appear to be unusually good for this product and a lot of people are saying it works well both as a fat burner and as a pre-workout energy provider.

However, a few reviewers admit they were given discounts or free products in exchange for their feedback.

This muddies the water slightly.

There’s also another problem.

Although we are not saying this is the case here, MLM distributors often provide positive reviews for their companies’ products and work very hard to ensure the brand’s success in the hope that the positive buzz will help them procure increased levels of sales.

Side Effects and Health Issues

No side effects have been reported but Dub Nutrition Fat Burner is not intended to be used while pregnant or nursing or by anyone who is under 18.

People who have pre-existing health problems or are using medication are advised to get clearance from their doctor prior to commencing use of the product.

Where to Buy Dub Nutrition Burner

At the time of this review, there was a problem with the Dub online store, but the product was still available via Walmart, Amazon, and Jet.com.


There’s a 30-day return policy for unopened products but no money back guarantee.


It seems likely that customers who use Dub Nutrition Burner may find they lose a little extra weight if they use the product alongside diet and exercise.

It’s debatable how much of that weight will be due to fat loss and how much will be due to a temporary reduction in the amount of water their bodies are retaining.

We tend to distrust diet pills that contain diuretics.

Their use makes it too easy to pass off a dud fat burner as the real thing.

This is a product that might work but could just as easily let people down and it doesn’t offer the benefit of a money back guarantee, so we cannot recommend Dub Nutrition Burner.

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