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Last updated on January 25th, 2019

BOOMBOD 7 Day Achiever




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  • Nice looking brand
  • Glucomannan works for some


  • Gimmicky
  • Can work out to be very expensive
  • Whole product rests on Glucomannan which many brands have as a small addition

Boombod 7 Day Achiever

This Boombod review aims to tell you exactly what to expect and what to watch out for if you buy

  • The main ingredient is glucomannan – it can swell up to suppress your appetite
  • There is no fat burning ingredient – your excess body body fat will not be targeted
  • Should not cause side effects if taken as advised
  • Where to buy Boombod – cheapest prices, coupon codes – See bottom of page

BoomBod weight loss shot drink is one of the latest successful crazes sweeping through the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Amber Rose, Olivia Buckland, Gemma Collins and Holly Hagan have attributed their recent weight loss down to using the weight loss shot drink.

The media, in particular the Daily Mail (British newspaper with a high volume online readership) is in love with the product. Hardly a week has gone by without some article in the form of advertorial published.

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Secret Sauce

Their secret, they say, is the “super-fiber” glucomannan, which is the main ingredient inside each of the BoomBod sachets.

Glucomannan, however, is anything but a secret. Supplement companies have been including it in their weight loss products for years, and people have been using it for far longer.

The fiber absorbs many times its own weight in liquid, and forms a kind of gel like mass in the stomach.

Glucomannan has been shown to effectively reduce hunger because the stomach sends the brain signals that it is fuller.

BoomBod mention that it also cleanses the intestines on its way out of the body, without causing a laxative effect.

Additionally, there are 3 sachets of BoomBod powder for each day, for the morning, afternoon and night.

Each contains a small blend of vitamins and minerals in addition to the glucomannan fiber.

The powders are also flavoured, allowing them to be taken as a drink before each meal of the day.

Boombod packaging

How Does BoomBod Work?

Glucomannan has been around for a very long time. People used to chew the raw konjac root as an appetite and thirst suppressor.

In recent years it has been appearing in many diet pills and weight loss supplements across the industry.

While the optimal dosage is still a point of debate, the standard quantity has been on the rise for a while, increasing from 500mg in the early days, to 3000mg in some current products.

Sachets are 1000mg each, making a 3 gram total.

There are some added vitamins and minerals, but the glucomannan fiber is the BoomBod product.

Most glucomannan supplements are taken in pills, alongside 1 or 2 large glasses of water. Water is important because it provides the bulk for the fiber to absorb in the stomach in order to form the soft gel-like mass.

This product is a little different in that the powder and some water are mixed as a “shot” drink and consumed straight away. BoomBod recommend that you drink another glass or two of water on top.

If this is done 30 minutes before your meals, the company says you will be able to eat less, and thus reduce your daily calorie intake.

When you reduce your calorie intake to the point where you are in a calorie deficit then you are going to lose weight.

Glucomannan Appetite Suppressor for weight loss

Ingredients – What’s In BoomBod?

As previously mentioned, each sachet contains 1000mg of glucomannan. There are additional ingredients depending on the time of day each sachet should be taken:

Morning Energizer

  • Glucomannan: 1000mg
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C and more

Afternoon Motivator

  • Glucomannan: 1000mg
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12, B6, B1 and more

Night Rejuvenator

  • Glucomannan: 1000mg
  • Biotin
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin D3 and more

Glucomannan can be effective, but it is just a physical appetite suppressant. If your body is craving food due to a lack of nutrient density in your meals then glucomannan will not be as effective.

Boombod Side Effects and Precautions

There should be no side effects of the BoomBod drinks, but you should consume it as soon as it is mixed.

Glucomannan can swell up and form the gel-like substance quite soon after it mixes with water so there is no time to waste once the two are combined.

What’s The Verdict – Will BoomBod Work?

As I said, glucomannan can have a positive effect on weight loss, because for some people it helps them adhere to a calorie deficit.

Appetite suppression is one of the most effective ways to reduce body weight because the calories never make it into your system in the first place. In contrast, when you use a fat burner you are trying to burn calories you have already consumed.

With that in mind, some people find it hard to resist snacking, despite the glucomannan mass in their stomachs.

Sometimes it’s the relationship with food that needs to be altered for long term adherence to a calorie deficit.

Eating nutrient dense foods will help you to feel satisfied from your meals for longer, but if portion control is a problem for you then BoomBod, or glucomannan based products like it, might help you.

The additional benefit that the company touts – the intestinal cleanse – is another selling point, but one that is less researched.

It makes sense that the thick gel mass could “sweep” the digestive tract, as BoomBod put it, collecting food particles and toxins on the way out, but perhaps the same holds true for some other elements of the same environment that we don’t to be cleansed of.

For the price they are charging for 7 days worth of this product, you can probably get a month supply of another popular weight management supplement. BoomBod is selling well though, so they have obviously tapped the market.

Where To Buy Boombod – Pricing and Coupon Codes

Available to buy directly from it’s official website. Very much oriented towards the UK.

UK based store Holland and Barrett appear to be the recommended stockists.

There doesn’t appear to be a valid coupon code (despite the shockingly bad coupon code website telling you otherwise and sending you round in an infinite loop.

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